Electronic Games Magazine

This was the first dedicated video game magazine co-founded by Bill Kunkel, Joyce Worley, and Arnie Katz. The first issue was released in October of 1981 and ran until April 1985. They had met writing the “Arcade Alley” column, which ran from 1979 – 1984, in Video Magazine. This was the beginning of video game reviews and they gave them the depth

that had not been considered before. Electronic Games is notable for hosting the Arkie Awards, the first Game of the Year award for Video Games. Some notable winners were: Space Invaders – Arcade (1980), Asteroids – Arcade and Superman – Atari VCS (1981), Pac-Man – Arcade and Asteroids – Atari VCS (1982),

Tron – Arcade and Demon Attack – Atari VCS (1983), Pole Position – Arcade and Ms. Pac-Man – Atari 2600/Lady Bug – Colecovision (1984), Star Wars – Arcade and Space Shuttle – Atari 2600 (1985). Reader Polls let the fans pick their most popular games. Asteriods (May 1982), Pac-Man Sept 1982), Defender (Oct/Nov 1982), Pitfall! (Jan 1983), Donkey Kong (June 1983),

Donkey Kong Jr. (Sept 1983), Pitfall II (Nov 1984) to name a few. The magazine also let readers choose their Hall of Fame games: Pong (1972), Space Invaders (1978), Asteroids (1979), Star Raiders(1979), Defender (1980), Major League Baseball (1980), Pac-Man (1980), Donkey Kong (1981), Quest for the Rings (1981), Miner 2049er (1982), Zaxxon (1982 and Dragon’s Lair (1983).

The magazines pictured here are ones from my collection, I subscribed during Electronic Games run. For more complete information on all the awards given out, each of the years, check here at Wikipedia.

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