Poetry/Lyrics: Departure


Light, sound, the smell, the touch.
There’s something,
Inside that we need so much,
The sight of a touch, or the scent of a sound,
Or the strength of an Oak with roots deep in the ground.
The wonder of flowers, to be covered, and then to burst up,
Thru tarmack, to the sun again,
Or to fly to the sun without burning a wing,
To lie in the meadow and hear the grass sing,
To have all these things in our memories hoard,
And to use them,
To help us,
To find…

The Fox Theatre’s Mighty Mo

I read in the February 5, 2020 Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Fox Theatre’s 90 year old Moller pipe organ was hauled to Lithonia, Georgia. The A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company will be doing the more than half a million dollar repair and restoration.

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Son of Kong

 I watched “Son of Kong” on Svengoolie tonight.  They travel back to Skull Island looking for treasure where they find little Kong. The Sven additives to the movie help it along.  I would give it 1.75 out of 5.

[From Wikipedia] Son of Kong (also known as The Son of Kong) is a 1933 American Pre-Code adventure monster film produced by RKO Pictures. Directed by Ernest Schoedsack and featuring special effects by Buzz Gibson and Willis O’Brien, the film stars Robert ArmstrongHelen Mack and Frank Reicher. The film is the lesser-known sequel to King Kong and was released just nine months after its predecessor.