Donnie’s Record Bag

My name is Donnie, born and raised in Atlanta, and a friend of Doyle’s since the mid-1980s. As you can tell from his blog posts, Doyle is a collector of records. That goes for me also, since the age of 13. Part of being a record collector is the record hunting itself, exploring new places by foot, bus or automobile. Each record emporium had its own unique atmosphere and vibe. In these posts, I will recall some of these places. Almost all of them are gone now. I intend to post my vinyl odyssey chronologically, but eventually there may be some jumping around the timeline also.


Music before I discovered record stores
Sears and J.C. Penny
Richway and Kmart Record Departments
Franklin Music
Oz – The Enchanted Land of Records and Tapes
Village Record Shoppe / Phase II Records
Turtle’s Records & Tapes
Peachtree Quality Salvage #5
Chapter 3 Records – North Springs

Latest Posts
Chapter 3 Records – North Springs
Although it was part of a small chain, Chapter 3 undeniably had the atmosphere of an independent store.
Peachtree Quality Salvage #5
My hunt for records did not always take place in a record store.
Turtle’s Records & Tapes
Even though the stores were uniform in their fixtures, decor, advertising and product line, each Turtle's store still somehow managed to have a little bit of its own personality.
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