Donnie’s Record Bag

My name is Donnie, born and raised in Atlanta, and a friend of Doyle’s since the mid-1980s. As you can tell from his blog posts, Doyle is a collector of records. That goes for me also, since the age of 13. Part of being a record collector is the record hunting itself, exploring new places by foot, bus or automobile. Each record emporium had its own unique atmosphere and vibe. In these posts, I will recall some of these places. Almost all of them are gone now. I intend to post my vinyl odyssey chronologically, but eventually there may be some jumping around the timeline also.


Music before I discovered record stores
Sears and J.C. Penny
Richway and Kmart Record Departments
Franklin Music
Oz – The Enchanted Land of Records and Tapes
Village Record Shoppe / Phase II Records
Turtle’s Records & Tapes
Peachtree Quality Salvage #5
Chapter 3 Records – North Springs
Jim Salle’s Record Shop

Latest Posts
Fantasyland Records
Unlike the other stores that I have covered so far, all of which no longer exist, Fantasyland is still open for business and operating quite successfully.
Jim Salle’s Record Shop
Once inside, my mother discreetly let me know that the man behind the counter was Mr. Salle, the same gentleman who had sold her the hit records that she had listened to as a swinging teen.
Chapter 3 Records – North Springs
Although it was part of a small chain, Chapter 3 undeniably had the atmosphere of an independent store.