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Book Reviews

Book TitleAuthorYear
The Cover Up At Omaha Beach:
Maisy Battery and the US Rangers
Gary Sterne2013
The Curse of Oak IslandRandall Sullivan2019
I Am C-3PO: The Inside StoryAnthony Daniels2019
Pill CityKevin Deutsch2017
Shotguns and StagecoachesJohn Boessenecker2018

Misc Books

Blog PostNotes
Jess Phoenix
 Wrote the book Ms. Adventure
Nick Pope
Wrote 6 best sellers, 3 non-fiction, 2 science fiction
PhotographyAudible book by Chris Marquardt
Rebecca RomneyA rare book dealer, appraiser, and author
Amy Shira TeitelWote books on the space program
Tinker Tailor
Soldier Sailor
History of nursery rhyme
Travis S. TaylorHe’s written 14 science fiction novels, two textbooks

Comic Books

Blog PostNotes
Comic Book MenTV show about comic book store
Everything’s Archie ComicsHistory of comic book series
Sea-MonkeysAd in Comic Books
Stranger Things – Halloween SpecialReview of comic book


Blog PostNotes
Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts (2015)Movie based on comic books
The Old Farmers AlmanacHistory of Farmers Almanac
TV GuideHistory of the TV Guide

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Hammerhead Worms
The Hammerhead uses the muscles in its body, as well as sticky secretions, to attach itself to the earthworm to prevent escape.
Batman TV Series
My Favorite Albums – Seven Separate Fools – Three Dog Night
Writing's on the wall, facts are in the books, Nothin' lost is nothin' gained, It seems there's writings on the wall.
Lucy Eckersley – Punk Biologist
She loves animals, any kind of animal, traveling , and seeing them in their natural habitat.
Digging for Treasure – In the Beginning -Genesis
Not that Genesis!
Waffle House
Scattered, Covered and Smothered
Anita Mann
Anita Mann has been honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as one of America's top five contemporary choreographers. She is also the recipient of five Emmy Awards and accolades from every corner of the industry.
Netflix Scams
Public Service Announcement from Doyle's Space
Why are ‘Paper Clips’ called ‘Gem Clips’?
A flat wire or plastic clip shaped so that it can hold sheets of paper between two of its loops.
Super Guppy
The physical limitations of railroad tunnels, narrow roads, low bridges, and power lines make overland shipment of oversized cargo extremely problematic, if not impossible. NASA's Super Guppy offers a practical and economical solution to these problems.
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