[ bahy-og-ruh-fee ]

noun, plural bi·og·ra·phies. – a written account of another person’s life

These are interesting people I have come across, seen in Movies and/or Television, or heard about in the news, etc. People that have passed away will be listed in my Memorials section.

Last Updated Mar 4, 2022 @ 9:37 am

Alphabetical Listing

Robert ClotworthyVoice-Over/TV
Tamara DayHome Design/Flipping
Sage FitzgeraldBiology
Julie GarnerMovies/TV
Victoria JusticeMovies/TV
Dr. Phineas T. KastleArcheology/Movies/TV
Amy MainzerAstronomy
Domenico Monardo (Meco)Music
Jaél de Pardo
Jess PhoenixGeology/TV
Nick PopeParanormal/TV
Billy PrestonMusic
Rebecca RomneyBooks/TV
Shawnee SmithTV/Music
Dr. Edward Lee SpenceArcheology/History
Travis S. TaylorAstroPhysics/TV
Amy Shira TeitelSpace/Rocketry
Alison TownerMarine Science/TV
Giorgio A. TsoukalosParanormal/TV
Rita WilsonMovies/TV

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