Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is used by casting then dragging the rig across your target area. You will drag by positioning your pole parallel to the surface of the water and use a sweeping motion to move the lure over the structure you are fishing. Don’t jerk the rig, just a nice smooth sweep will work.

The Carolina rig is a fishing rig similar to the Texas rig, but with the sinker weight fixed above the hook instead of sliding down to it. The Carolina rigs help you to cover a larger area in less time. It employs a heavy weight allowing you to make longer casts.

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Radio Favorites – Shame Shame

He’ll only break your heart
And leave you standing out in the rain
Shame, shame

As a record collector, I hunted down many of my favorites but obviously came nowhere near getting them all. These are some of my favorites I didn’t own then.

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Helen Czerski: Bubbles

Helen Czerski is a British physicist and oceanographer and television presenter.

Helen Czerski was born November 01, 1978, raised in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, England, and educated at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls. She graduated from the University of Cambridge as a Churchill College, Cambridge student.

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Birds Set Fires

The ability to control fire is supposed to be one of human beings’ greatest achievements—but we may not be alone, or even trendsetters in our ability to do so.

A new study incorporating traditional Indigenous Australian[1] ecological knowledge describes the largely unknown behavior of so-called ‘Firehawk raptors’ – birds that intentionally spread fire by wielding burning sticks in their talons and beaks.

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Dr. Vanessa Pirotta – Wildlife Scientist

Dr. Vanessa Pirotta is a wildlife scientist and science communicator. Her research uses innovative technologies for wildlife conservation. Vanessa’s zoological background has taken her around the world for wildlife research. Her keen interests cover topics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, also known as STEM.

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Hush Puppies

The delicious cornbread concoction we have come to call a “hush puppy” has its roots in the Southern United States.

A hush puppy (or hushpuppy) is a small, savory, deep-fried round ball made from cornmeal-based batter. Hushpuppies are frequently served as a side dish with seafood and other deep-fried foods.

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Jimmy Robinson’s Elements

10.4 Megatons

In Arlington National Cemetery lies Captain Jimmy Priestly Robinson of the US Air Force, Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and Air Medal. It celebrates a pilot who flew into a hydrogen bomb’s mushroom cloud to give the world two new elements. By 1952, the world knew of 98 elements, the last six had been created at the University of California, Berkeley, mainly by chemist Glenn Seaborg, by bombarding nuclei with light ions or neutrons.

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Archie – Search Engine

Archie began as a project for students and volunteer staff at the McGill University School of Computer Science in 1987.

Now we just Google it. In the early days of the internet, we had to Archie it. Archie is a tool for indexing FTP archives, allowing users to easily identify specific files. The name derives from the word “archive” without the v.

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Where is the Center of North America?

Where is it really?

Since 1931, Rugby, North Dakota has claimed this honor. They have a stone monument and everything. Rugby has a population of about 2,700 and is the county seat of Pierce County. Rugby was founded in 1886 at a junction on the Great Northern Railway, where a branch line to Bottineau met the main line.

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Eighteen-Year-Old Builds Submarine

High-school teen builds one-man submarine.

Justin Beckerman, an 18-year-old high school student from New Jersey, built and wired a fully-functional, one-man submarine. When he was younger, Beckerman began by making things out of balloons and string, but as the years went by his inventions grew in scale and complexity.

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