The Invisible Man

I watched the 1933 Universal Pictures film The Invisible Man on Svengoolie. The movie is based on the H.G. Wells (The Island of Doctor Moreau, The War of the Worlds) book by the same name and stars Claude Raines (The Adventures of Robin Hood, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Wolf Man, Casablanca, Phantom of the Opera, Battle of the Worlds, Lawrence of Arabia, The Greatest Story Ever Told) as Dr. Jack Griffin who has found the secret of invisibility and given it to himself.

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The Black Scorpion (1957)

I watched the 1957 black and white Warner Bros., Sci-Fi/Horror movie, The Black Scorpion on Svengoolie. It was filmed at Estadio Universitario, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. The stop-action animation was by King Kong expert Willis O’Brien with the help of Pete Peterson who did most of the hands on animation. Due to the low budget, most of it was created in Peterson’s home garage. The 30 foot long inch worm was an unused prop from the King Kong movie.

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The Frozen Ground (2013) – Spoilers

The press nicknamed Robert Hansen, the well respected, normal in everyone’s eyes, owner of a bakery, the “Butcher Baker”. He killed, possibly up to 17 women, between 1971 and 1983 in and around Anchorage, Alaska. The 2013 movie, Frozen Ground, is the telling of the story, of his capture and conviction in 1983, by Scott Walker. Scott was writing a fictional story about a hunter when someone said that it was a true story and turned him toward the Robert Hansen killings.

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The Frozen Ground (2013)

I watched the 2013 Lionsgate Docu-thriller The Frozen Ground on Netflix DVD. It is a Scott Walker film, who both wrote and directed the movie, which was his first. It is a factual based account of the Alaskan State Patrol hunting down a serial killer with the help of the only known victim to have gotten away. The Frozen Ground takes place in and around Anchorage Alaska in 1983. The movie is produced by Curtis Jackson (50 Cent – 13, Setup, Freelancers, Escape Plan movies, The Prince, Spy, Den of Thieves) who also is the pimp in the film.

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