Hammerhead Worms

The Hammerhead uses the muscles in its body, as well as sticky secretions, to attach itself to the earthworm to prevent escape.

The Hammerhead worm (Bipalium sp.), also known as Broadhead planarian and landchovy, is a terrifying, toxic terrestrial flatworm. It lives on land and is both a predator and a cannibal.

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Batman TV Series


Batman aired on ABC beginning January 12, 1966 and ran for 120 episodes over 3 seasons. The last episode aired on March 14, 1968. I never missed an episode. It was intentionally humorous, simplistic morality that included championing the importance of using seat belts, doing homework, eating vegetables, and drinking milk.

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My Favorite Albums – Seven Separate Fools – Three Dog Night

Writing’s on the wall, facts are in the books,
Nothin’ lost is nothin’ gained,
It seems there’s writings on the wall.

I got my copy of the Dunhill 1972 album “Seven Separate Fools” by Three Dog Night from a record club I had joined. It came in a cover that was really a thin box that opened at the top. The box contained seven, 7″x 11″, color cards with band member photos on one side, various playing card artwork on the back.

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Lucy Eckersley – Punk Biologist

She loves animals, any kind of animal, traveling , and seeing them in their natural habitat.

Lucy Eckersley is a wildlife biologist specializing in wild cats, experienced in organizing and presenting at scientific events. She pursues animal behavior, animal diversity, conservation, entomology, and specimens.

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Digging for Treasure – In the Beginning -Genesis

Not that Genesis!

by Doyle Tatum

Melody Hill was the Circle Sky Records official magazine while we were open between 2002 and 2010. For issue number 5 we used the namesake of our fanzine, The Archies 45 “Melody Hill”. This was the b-side of their 1969 smash hit “Sugar Sugar”. This great song was released on November 14, 1969, and was written by Ritchie Adams & Mark Barkan. It was recorded at RCA Studio A, New York City with the beautiful vocal stylings of Ron Dante.

“Where skies are always blue and grass is always green on Melody Hill”

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Waffle House

Scattered, Covered and Smothered

Down south, where I live, there is a Waffle House restaurant just about everywhere you go. It is the 24 hour a day place for breakfast or that late-night meal on your way home. My friend Tim’s Dad went there every morning for about 20 years for coffee and to meet up with his friends.

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Anita Mann

Anita Mann has been honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as one of America’s top five contemporary choreographers. She is also the recipient of five Emmy Awards and accolades from every corner of the industry.

Anita Mann is an American choreographer, dancer, and actress born October 21, 1946, in Detroit, Michigan. She was one of David Winter’s (English-American actor, dancer, choreographer, producer, distributor, director, and screenwriter) dancers on shows such as Shindig!, The T.A.M.I. Show and Monte Carlo: C’est La Rose, a Grace Kelly documentary special.

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Why are ‘Paper Clips’ called ‘Gem Clips’?

A flat wire or plastic clip shaped so that it can hold sheets of paper between two of its loops.

A paper clip is a flat, or nearly flat, piece of metal that slides over an edge of a set of papers and holds the papers together without being bent or pinched by the user and without piercing the papers. The largest majority of paper clips are made by bending single pieces of resilient spring steel wire.

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Super Guppy

The physical limitations of railroad tunnels, narrow roads, low bridges, and power lines make overland shipment of oversized cargo extremely problematic, if not impossible. NASA’s Super Guppy offers a practical and economical solution to these problems.

The Aero Spacelines Super Guppy (SG) is a large, wide-bodied cargo aircraft that is used for hauling outsized cargo components. It is the replacement for the Pregnant Guppy.

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