Picture Disc – Chicago’s Greatest Hits

I got Chicago IX, the Rhino Picture Disc, for my birthday this year (2023).

Chicago’s Greatest Hits is a compilation album featuring the most popular and successful songs by the American rock band Chicago. Known for their blend of rock, pop, and jazz influences, Chicago rose to prominence in the late 1960s and became one of the most successful bands of the 1970s and beyond. Their Greatest Hits album serves as a comprehensive collection of their biggest hits and showcases their diverse musical style.

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Erik Bard

Erik Bard has installed a cutting-edge surveillance system, on the Skinwalker Ranch, that constantly monitors the entire property.

Erik Bard is the Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist at Skinwalker Ranch. This property in Utah, United States, is known for its history of reported paranormal phenomena. It gained public attention due to claims of UFO sightings, unexplained animal mutilations, strange lights, and other anomalous events.

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Holland-Dozier-Holland – Doyle’s Space: Music Hall of Fame – Songwriters Award

My second inductee(s) for my Songwriters Award is another team, this time Holland-Dozier-Holland.

Holland-Dozier-Holland (H-D-H) was a highly successful songwriting and production team in the 1960s, responsible for creating numerous hit songs for the legendary Motown record label. The trio consisted of Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, and Eddie Holland.

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What is the Happiest Country in the World?

On March 20th, the International Day of Happiness is observed. The United Nations’ 193 member states observed the first International Day of Happiness in 2013.

The World Happiness Report is an annual publication that measures and ranks countries based on their levels of happiness and well-being. It is a comprehensive study conducted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network[1] and draws on data from various sources, including Gallup World Poll[2] surveys, national statistics, and academic research.

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Cynthia Weil Dies

Cynthia Weil wrote the lyrics and her husband Barry Mann the music.

Cynthia Weil was an American songwriter and lyricist known for her contributions to numerous hit songs from the 1960s and beyond. Born on October 18, 1940, in New York City, Cynthia Weil grew up on the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a Conservative Jewish family.

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Cosmic Inflation

Cosmic inflation is a theory of exponential expansion of space in the early universe, believed to have lasted from 1036 seconds to between 1033 and 1032 seconds after the Big Bang.

Inflation is a concept in cosmology that refers to a period of rapid expansion of the universe in its early stages. It is a theory proposed to explain several observed features of the universe, such as its overall homogeneity, isotropy, and the absence of certain types of relics.

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Continued research, international cooperation, and community engagement are crucial for the long-term conservation and survival of narwhals.

Narwhals are fascinating marine mammals known for their unique physical feature—the long, spiraled tusk protruding from their upper jaw. Their scientific name is Monodon monoceros and are part of the whale family Monodontidae, which also includes belugas. They are toothed whales and belong to the odontocete suborder.

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Compact Car Spaces

Some drivers may feel that compact car spaces are discriminatory or unfair.

Compact car spaces are parking spots designed to accommodate smaller vehicles, typically those with a length of fewer than 14 feet and a width of fewer than 6 feet. These spaces are becoming increasingly common in urban areas where parking is at a premium and there is a need to accommodate more vehicles in smaller areas.

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Radio Favorites – Hole In My Shoe

I hear this song occasionally on the Sirius/XM station Sixties Gold.

As a record collector, I went out and hunted down a lot of my favorites but obviously came nowhere near getting them all. These are some of the favorites that I didn’t own at the time.

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Lots of Gold? Two Neutron Stars Colliding? What Happened?

A kilonova is an astronomical event that occurs when two neutron stars collide.

One of the most significant astronomical events in recent history occurred on August 17, 2017, when astronomers detected the collision of two neutron stars some 130 million light-years away.

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