[ par-uh-nawr-Muhl ]

– of or relating to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.

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UFOs, Aliens

Arnold UFO Sighting, KennethHistory
Aztec 1948 (UFO documentary)Review
Battle of Los Angeles 1942UFO/UAP
Cattle MutilationsAliens
Childress, DavidBiography
Flares, ParachuteMilitary
Friedman, StantonBiography
Hansen, BenBiography
Hefflin UFO Case, RexUFO/UAP
Mount Shasta MysteriesHistory
New Nazca Lines?History
Pope, NickBiography
Roswell: The First Witness (2020) (UFO Documentary)Review
Skinwalker RanchUFO/UAP
Skinwalker Ranch by Ryan Skinner and Cheryl Carter, Digging Into (Book)Review
Tic Tac VideoUFO/UAP
Taylor, Travis S.Biography
Tsoukalos, Giorgio A.Biography

Ghosts, Hauntings

Butte, Montana – The Cabbage Patch
Eastern State Penitentiary
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)
Hansen, Ben
Interdimensional Spirits
Kaza, Medium Cindy
Los Feliz Murder House
Osbourne, Jack
Residual Haunting
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, The 
Winchester Mystery House


Acord, Russell
Bigfoot Nests
Colossal Claude
Johnson, Bryce
Ozark Howler
Patterson–Gimlin film/ Bigfoot Footage Enhanced
Sanderson, Ivan T.
Sierra Sounds?, What Are The
Skookum Cast
Van Meter Visitor


Bare Earth LiDAR
Cattle Mutilations
Conspiracy Theorists Cruise
Gargoyle or Grotesque
Mount Shasta Mysteries

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A kilonova is an astronomical event that occurs when two neutron stars collide.
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They are known by street names such as Arnolds, Gear, Gym Candy, Juice, Pumpers, Roids, Stackers, and Weight Gainers.
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To achieve the spatial distribution of stars in a Globular Cluster, as has been observed, a black hole fraction of 22% is necessary.
Chicken Livers
For eating and fishing.
Tina Turner Dies
Ike renamed Anna Mae Bullock to Tina Turner, and they formed a professional and personal partnership.
Aldi Finds
Burman's, Tuscan Garden, and Happy Farms at Aldi
Zip Codes
Six months after the implementation of ZIP codes in 1963, every address in the US had been assigned one.
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They are nutrient-dense fruits that provide a range of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.
Where Did the Name Bigfoot Come From?
He made a plaster cast of one of the prints and brought it to the local newspaper office.
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