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These are the movies I’ve seen in the theater, Netflix DVD, DVD/Blu-Ray, or cable. Netflix launched in 1998 and the company started by sending consumers DVDs to rent. The luxury of Netflix was that you could pick what movie you wanted from the comfort of your home and keep it for as long as you wanted, with no late fees. Once you shipped the movie back you got another one.

It is the DVD service that eventually pushed Blockbuster out of business. The first Netflix DVD shipped was Beetlejuice (1988) on March 10, 1998! I have been a member since 1999.

Ace Ventura Pet DetectiveComedy/Crime1994
Along Came PollyComedy2004
American PsychoComedy/Crime2000
Armed ResponseAction/Horror2017
Batman: Under the Red HoodAnimated/Comics2010
Batman vs RobinAnimated/Comics2015
Blind HorizonMystery/Thriller2003
Charlie’s AngelsCrime/Action2019
Christmas Vacation Comedy1989
Christmas Vacation – The Review Continued…Comedy1989
Caught in the CrossfireCrime/Drama2010
District 9Sci-Fi2009
Enola HolmesCrime/Drama2020
Five Minutes of HeavenDrama/Thriller2009
Honest ThiefCrime/Action2020
House of the Rising SunCrime/Action2011
Inside ManCrime/Thriller2006
Jungle CruiseComing SoonFantasy/Adventure2021
Just CauseCrime/Drama1995
Law Abiding CitizenCrime/Thriller2009
My SpySpy/Comedy2020
PandorumComing SoonSci-Fi/Horror2009
Secret Life of Pets, TheAnimated/Comedy2016
Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ BallAction/Thriller2010
Social Dilemma, TheDocumentary/Drama2020
TopazComing SoonDrama/Spy Thriller1969
Universal SoldierSci-Fi/Action1992
Wonder Woman 1984Superhero/Comics2020


Here is a list of the movies I’ve seen on Svengoolie, the premier horror show icon of Chicago, since multiple Emmy award winner Rich Koz became the hand-picked successor to the original Svengoolie back in the late ’70s. He has appeared on a national basis on MeTV since April 2011. Svengoolie brings you the classic Universal horror films and more, many of which have not been seen on broadcast television in years.

Abbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinComedy/Horror1948
Abominable Dr. Phibes, TheDark Comedy/Horror1971
Attack of the Puppet PeopleSci-Fi/Horror1958
Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, TheSci-Fi/Horror1953
Beast Must Die, TheHorror1974
Beast with Five Fingers, TheHorror1946
Black Cat, TheHorror1934
Black FridayHorror1940
Black Scorpion, TheSci-Fi/Horror1957
Blob, TheSci-Fi/Horror1958
Crawling Eye, TheHorror1958
Creation of the Humanoids, TheSci-Fi1962
Creature from the Black LagoonHorror Classic1954
Cult of the CobraHorror1955
Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, TheHorror Classic1964
Curse of the UndeadWestern/Horror1959
Devil-Doll, TheHorror1936
Devil Doll, TheHorror1964
DraculaHorror Classic1931
Dracula’s DaughterHorror Classic1936
Dr. Phibes Rises AgainHorror1972
Earth vs The SpiderSci-Fi/Horror1958
Fiend Without a FaceHorror1958
Forbidden Planet Sci-Fi1956
“Frankenstein”Horror Classic1931
Frankenstein 1970Horror1958
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf ManHorror Classic1943
From Hell it CameHorror1957
Ghost and Mr. Chicken, TheComedy/Horror1966
Ghoul, TheHorror1933
House of WaxHorror1953
House on Haunted HillHorror1959
How to Make a MonsterHorror1958
Incredible Shrinking Man, TheSci-Fi/Horror1957
Invaders From MarsSci-Fi/Horror1986
Invisible Man, TheHorror1933
Invisible Man Returns, TheHorror1940
Invisible Woman, TheHorror1940
I Saw What You DidSuspense/Horror1965
Island of TerrorHorror1966
Leech Woman, TheHorror1960
Man-Made MonsterSci-Fi/Horror1941
Mighty Joe YoungFantasy1949
The MummyHorror Classic1959
Night of the LepusSci-Fi/Horror1972
Return of the Vampire, TheHorror Classic1943
Revenge of Frankenstein, TheHorror Classic1958
Shadow of the Cat, TheHorror1961
She-Wolf of LondonHorror1946
Son of DraculaHorror Classic1943
Time WalkerSci-Fi/Horror1982
Thing From Another World, TheSci-Fi/Horror1951
Thing That Couldn’t Die, TheHorror1958
Undead, TheFantasy/Horror1957
Valley of the DragonsFantasy/Horror1961
Werewolf of LondonHorror Classic1935
The Wolf ManHorror Classic1941


Here I’ll list the television shows I’ve posted about. I used to watch my parent’s B&W TV when I was a kid. At some point, my Dad upgraded to color and I got the B&W console in my room. A lot of shows were in B&W so it didn’t matter, but if it was in color I tried to schedule time in the living room!

Comic Book MenComedy/Reality7962012-2018
Cottonland CastleTelevision2022
G4 and TechtvTech/Comedy 2002-Now
The Queen’s GambitDrama/Sport172020
The Queen’s Gambit Part Two (SPOILERS!)Drama/Sport172020
Roswell: The First WitnessDocumentary132020
Vintage Computer History Films: From IBM to SAGEDocumentary1960’s
Wednesday (2021) Part 2 (Spoilers)Horror/Mystery182021


TV ShowTypePremiere
Adam-12PoliceSeptember 21, 1968
Ancient AliensParanormal04/20/2010
Invaders, TheSci-Fi01/10/1967

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