[ muh-mawr-ee-uhl ]

noun, something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc.

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9/11September 11, 1999History
Hank AaronJanuary 22, 2021Baseball
Louie AndersonJanuary 21, 2022Comedy
Jack ArnoldMarch 17, 1992Movies
Gary BrookerFebruary 19, 2022Music
Giordano BrunoFebruary 17, 1600History
Michael CollinsApril 28, 2021Space
Sean ConneryOctober 31, 2020Movies
Charlie DanielsJuly 6, 2020Music
Mac DavisSeptember 29, 2020Music
Spencer DavisOctober 19, 2020Music
Graeme EdgeNovember 11, 2021Music
Olivia De HavillandJuly 25, 2020Movies
Bent FabricJuly 28, 2020Music
Stanton FriedmanMay 13, 2013Paranormal
Peter GreenJuly 25, 2020Music
Gilbert GottfriedApril 12, 2022Comedy
Tom T. HallAugust 20, 2021Music
Dusty HillJuly 27, 2021Music
Cloris LeachmanJanuary 27, 2021TV
Betty LynnOctober 16, 2021Movies/TV
Richard JewellAugust 28, 2007History
Katherine JohnsonFebruary 24, 2020NASA
Larry KingJanuary 23, 2021TV
Jackie MasonJuly 24, 2021Comedian
MeatloafJanuary 20, 2022Music
C.W. McCallApril 1, 2022Music
Johnny NashOctober 6, 2020Music
Michael NesmithDecember 10, 2021Music
Phil NiekroDecember 26, 2020Baseball
Lou OttensMarch 6, 2021Cassettes
Billy PrestonJune 6, 2006Music
Helen ReddySeptember 29, 2020Music
Emitt RhodesJuly 19, 2020Music
Diana RiggSeptember 10, 2020TV
John SaxonJuly 26, 2020Space
Adam SchlesingerApril 1, 2020Music
Felix SillaApril 16, 2021Movies/TV
Geoff StephensDecember 24, 2020Music
Larry TeslerFebruary 16, 2020Computers
B.J. ThomasMay 29, 2021Music
Alex TrebekNovember 8, 2020TV
Charlie WattsAugust 24, 2021Music
Dawn WellsDecember 30, 2020TV
Eddie Van HalenOctober 6, 2020Music
Alberto VargasDecember 30, 1982Artist
John David WilsonJune 20, 2013Artist
Chuck YeagerDecember 7, 2020Space
John ZookJune 6, 2020Football

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