[ muh-mawr-ee-uhl ]

noun, something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc.

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9/11September 11, 1999History
Aaron, HankJanuary 22, 2021Baseball
Anderson, LouieJanuary 21, 2022Comedy
Arnold, JackMarch 17, 1992Movies
Brooker, GaryFebruary 19, 2022Music
Bruno, GiordanoFebruary 17, 1600History
Claridge, ShaaronSeptember 15, 2021TV/Voice Actor
Collins, MichaelApril 28, 2021Space
Connery, SeanOctober 31, 2020Movies
Cook, Ann TurnerJune 3, 2022Gerber Baby
Daniels, CharlieJuly 6, 2020Music
Davis, MacSeptember 29, 2020Music
Davis, SpencerOctober 19, 2020Music
Dow, TonyJuly 27, 2022Television
Edge, Graeme November 11, 2021Music
Havilland, Olivia DeJuly 25, 2020Movies
Fabric, BentJuly 28, 2020Music
Friedman, StantonMay 13, 2013Paranormal
Green, PeterJuly 25, 2020Music
Gottfried, GilbertApril 12, 2022Comedy
Hall, Tom T.August 20, 2021Music
Hill, DustyJuly 27, 2021Music
Leachman, ClorisJanuary 27, 2021TV
Lynn, BettyOctober 16, 2021Movies/TV
Jewell, RichardAugust 28, 2007History
Johnson, KatherineFebruary 24, 2020NASA
King, LarryJanuary 23, 2021TV
Mason, JackieJuly 24, 2021Comedian
MeatloafJanuary 20, 2022Music
McCall, C.W.April 1, 2022Music
Morris, HowardMay 21, 2005Movies/TV
Nash, JohnnyOctober 6, 2020Music
Nesmith, MichaelDecember 10, 2021Music
Newton-John, OliviaAugust 8. 2022Music/Movies
Niekro, PhilDecember 26, 2020Baseball
Ottens, LouMarch 6, 2021Cassettes
Preston, BillyJune 6, 2006Music
Reddy, HelenSeptember 29, 2020Music
Rhodes, EmittJuly 19, 2020Music
Rigg, DianaSeptember 10, 2020TV
Saxon, JohnJuly 26, 2020Space
Schlesinger, AdamApril 1, 2020Music
Seals, JimJune 6, 2022Music
Silla, FelixApril 16, 2021Movies/TV
Stephens, GeoffDecember 24, 2020Music
Storch, LarryJuly 8, 2022Movies/TV/Comedy
Tesler, LarryFebruary 16, 2020Computers
Thomas, B.J.May 29, 2021Music
Trebek, AlexNovember 8, 2020TV
Watts, CharlieAugust 24, 2021Music
Wells, DawnDecember 30, 2020TV
White, AlanMay 26, 2022Music
Van Halen, EddieOctober 6, 2020Music
Alberto VargasDecember 30, 1982Artist
Whitburn, JoelJune 14, 2022Music Researcher
Wilson, John DavidJune 20, 2013Artist
Yeager, ChuckDecember 7, 2020Space
Zook, JohnJune 6, 2020Football

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She auditioned for the now cancelled series Ghost Rider. However, she was told that she was too young for Ghost Rider and the people working on that show suggested that she audition for Helstrom instead.
Hungarian Records
The territory of present-day Hungary has for centuries been a crossroads for various peoples, including Celts, Romans, Germanic tribes, Huns, West Slavs and the Avars.
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A leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art.
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At the time, the storage capacity was incredible.
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