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I have encountered problems with Alexa and have reported them to Amazon Echo Support (877-375-9365). They are super nice there and they work hard when I call to solve issues. If they cannot resolve my problems they report the issue to technical support for further analysis.

Fire TV Cube

Works great except with the Comcast DVR. To use the DVR you still have to use the Xfinity remote. They knew about this issue and said that it would hopefully be corrected in either an update or on future models.

Reading Information

When you ask Alexa to give you information on something, let’s say …”Black Holes”, she’ll start reading from a source like Wiki. When she comes to the end of a section, she pauses and asks if you want to hear more. In what would be a 2 or 3 minute read you will have to say “Yes” 6 or 7 times, very annoying. I contend that she should just read until she reaches the end or until you ask her to stop!


If you ask the Echo Show to display your Calendar, she will show your upcoming events. There is no way to get her to display an entire month. They couldn’t believe this either at Echo Support and sent the issue on the Technical Support department.

UPDATE: There is a skill called “My Monthly Calendar” that you can install and link to your Google account that will display the entire month on an Echo Show. Once installed you just say “Alexa, open my monthly calendar”.

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