Attacking Crows

Intelligence and social structures make most crow species adaptable and opportunistic. Crows frequently cause damage to crops and property, strew trash, and transfer disease.

For the past five months, the people of Pravia, a town in Spain’s Asturias Region, have been under constant siege from flocks of crows who mindlessly attack their homes and vehicles.The people of Pravia started reporting groups of birds mindlessly flying into their windows repeatedly until the impact caused them to bleed in May of 2023.

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Why are they called Blowflies?

Blowflies, also known as bottle flies, play an important role in the ecosystem as decomposers.

Blowflies, also known as blow flies, are a type of fly belonging to the family Calliphoridae. The name “blowfly” comes from the old English term “blawan,” which means “to blow or to swell.” The name is thought to be derived from the bloated appearance of carcasses that blowflies often feed on and lay their eggs in.

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