Liquid Paper

What does musician Michael Nesmith, of Monkees fame have to do with correcting fluid? Well, his mother invented it! I usually just backspace and correct my typing mistake but, back in the day, there were typewriters and starting over was your only way to cleanly correct a mistaken key stroke. Even now, if something is already printed, and re-printing is not a choice, correction fluid or tape can come in very handy.

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Hank Williams – Doyle’s Space: Music Hall of Fame

My second inductee into Doyle’s Space: Music Hall of Fame is Hank Williams. Born Hiram Williams September 17, 1923, in Mount Olive, Alabama. His spinal bifida separated him from other children and fostered a sense of separation from the world around him. Listening to the radio and church choirs he was a quick study and learned to play country, folk and the blues. His teacher, African-American blues artist Rufus Payne who exchanged lessons for meals and/or money.

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Igloo Coolers

I can’t tell you how many Igloo Coolers my family and I have owned through the years. As a child, I remember the metal ones and later, when I was buying, they were lighter, but sturdy, plastic. Daddy had one of these metal water coolers that he used when he played softball. It was eventually replaced with a fancy plastic model. Igloo began in 1947 as a metal working shop that made these metal water coolers. In 1960 they merged with Production Tooling Company and renamed themselves Texas Tennessee Industries (TTI).

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Air Conditioning

I found myself, recently, thinking a lot about air conditioning. It seems that the air conditioner at work, which has had problems for many years, finally bit the dust. This left us suffering inside trying to fill the compounds coming into the pharmacy. I recently had to have my home unit serviced and Freon added. When I was a child we used an attic fan and had no central air.

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The Beatles – Doyle’s Space: Music Hall of Fame

As promised, my Music Hall of Fame with the inductees chosen entirely by me and me alone. My first Inductee is no real surprise, if you know me at all….
It is The Beatles.

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Porter-Cable Jig Saw

I added the Porter-Cable 20vMAX Jig Saw to my collection of the 20V Lithium tools. I love the battery life and the tools are about as good as the corded ones. It is now hard to use a corded tool, such and inconvenience. It will cut up to 45 degrees adjustable with the onboard tool. It weighs 5 pounds without the battery and costs around 50 dollars, on, tool only. It has a dust blower to keep the sawdust and other debris away from the cutting blade. There is a red lever by the blade that makes changing it super easy.

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How to Make a Monster (1958)

I watched the 73 minute, 1958 American International Pictures movie “How to Make a Monster” on Svengoolie. A Monster Make-up artist, of 25 years, and his assistant loses their jobs when new ownership, of the studio, wants to get rid of monster flicks. They feel that kids today want more comedy, music, girls, singing and dancing. Angry, he uses an experiment mind control chemical, in his make-up, to control the monsters in the current movie to kill at his will.

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Rex Hefflin UFO Case

It was August 3, 1965 when Orange County Highway Maintenance Engineer, Rex Hefflin took 4 photographs of an unidentified flying object (UFO) he saw out of his van window. He was at work, detecting traffic hazards, at the corner of Myford and Walnut, near the railroad crossing, in Santa Ana, California.

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