Five Minutes of Heaven (2009)

I watched the Oliver Hirschbiegel film, the 2009 Five Minutes of Heaven on Netflix DVD. It was written by Guy Hibbert and stars Liam Neeson (Excalibur, Krull, The Dead Pool, Next of Kin, Under Suspicion, Star Wars Episode 1 and 2, Kingdom of Heaven, Batman Begins, The Chronicles of Narnia, Taken, The A-Team, Clash of the Titans, The Dark Knight Rises, Men in Black:International) and James Nesbit (Cold Feet, Bloody Sunday, Murphy’s Law).

The first 30 minutes retells the true story of the killing of 19 year old Jim Griffin in 1975, while his 8 year old brother, Joe, watches in horror. The fictional portion of the movie is 33 years later, as a TV show tries to bring the murderer, Alistair Little (Liam Neeson) and Joe Griffin (James Nesbit) together to talk for the first time. The acting and storytelling is superb. It is filmed in Northern Ireland where the murder took place. I will give this movie 4.25 out of 5. For more read Wikipedia, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.