Starduster CB Antenna

Back in the Citizen Band (CB) radio days (mid 70’s) I had an Antenna Specialists Starduster. I installed it on a 20 foot galvanized pole from the peak of my family home in Alpharetta, Georgia. This put the top of the antenna at 40 feet. I don’t remember where I purchased the Starduster but the poles, mounts, ground wire, coaxial cable and guy wires all came from the Roswell, Georgia Radio Shack. I ran the coax down the side of the chimney, into the crawl space, and then back up through the floor of my bedroom. This was one of the most popular antennas of the 1970’s, omni-directional with a 1/4 wave ground plane and 9 foot diameter. They claimed it had a 5 db gain, which is doubted by most, but the antenna worked well and was highly regarded in the CB world around me.

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