Full Motion TV Wall Mount

I wanted to place my bedroom TV fairly close to my bed. To do this, it would have to be placed on a wall to the side of the bed. This meant angling the TV so that while lying down the screen would be square to my vision. I had a Best Buy gift card so I went on a hunt. I found the perfect wall mount and tried it, in the store, with their demo.

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How Secure is Your Password?

Here is a interactive brute force search space calculator that allows you to see how well you have secured your site with your password. It is fun to try easy ones and then what you need to do to strengthen the passwords you come up with. This was written by security expert Steve Gibson and is perfectly safe.

How well hidden is your needle?


Copy & Paste in Facebook

If you use Facebook you have seen a post, usually fairly long, that instructs you to copy and paste this post into your own status. Older people, like me, will remember chain letters that try to convince you that you’ll have bad luck if you don’t mail copies of that said letter to some number of folks. This is sort of the same thing. While every post with copy and paste instructions, on Facebook, is not a hoax or scam it is the popular phrase used in both.

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Vintage Computer History Films: From IBM to SAGE

This is a collection of old video shorts, reminding me of the kind of 1960’s films they would show us in school. They come from the time where computers were the size of rooms, buildings, not something we carry around in our pockets every day.

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Starduster CB Antenna

Back in the Citizen Band (CB) radio days (mid 70’s) I had an Antenna Specialists Starduster. I installed it on a 20 foot galvanized pole from the peak of my family home in Alpharetta, Georgia. This put the top of the antenna at 40 feet. I don’t remember where I purchased the Starduster but the poles, mounts, ground wire, coaxial cable and guy wires all came from the Roswell, Georgia Radio Shack. I ran the coax down the side of the chimney, into the crawl space, and then back up through the floor of my bedroom. This was one of the most popular antennas of the 1970’s, omni-directional with a 1/4 wave ground plane and 9 foot diameter. They claimed it had a 5 db gain, which is doubted by most, but the antenna worked well and was highly regarded in the CB world around me.

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FreeRip Software Review

FreeRip is CD Ripper software that will take raw digital audio from a Compact Disc and save it as standard computer audio like an MP3. I have listed all the conversions possible at the bottom of this post. Like all rippers it will try to find your disc information on the web but if it cannot, or the previous person did a bad job with the file names

and information, you can edit them yourself, even add the Album Artwork if you wish. The program is free and I have tested it for years and it works great. They have a super deal, at the tome of this post, for $4.99 Pro version which lets you “take advantage of the multi core architecture of newer PCs,

spawning as many parallel file conversion tasks as the available CPUs. This means that converting, let’s say, 20 FLAC files to MP3 on dual core machine would take roughly half the time it would be needed on a single core machine with the same clock speed”. This was a mouthful from their website but it works. It will use your multiple processor cores to greatly speed up your downloading time which is extremely helpful if you have stacks of CD’s to process. This is not a paid review by any means, I just love this program!

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