Republishing an Old Post

There was even a mistpyed word that I found.

It was 9/11 and I thought it would be a good idea to republish an old post I had previously submitted on the topic. I wanted to update it, adding a featured image, an excerpt, and some new images I had found. There was even a mistyped word that I found. How to go about this and bring the old post back to the top?

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What Does Wi-Fi Stand For?

What is your Wi-Fi password?

Wi-Fi is the radio signal sent from a wireless router to a nearby device, which translates the signal into data you can see and use. The device then wirelessly connects back to the router that is connected to the internet by a wire or wirelessly. So obviously the “Wi” stands for “Wireless” and the “Fi” stands for … ?

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Stereo Cassette Adapter for 8-Track Players

The cassette adapter allows another source of music to be played through sound systems with a tape player

My friend Tim came across this nice condition cassette adapter (Kraco model KCA-7) he had purchased in the late ’70s for his dad’s 8-track player. You simply place your cassette in the tray and push it into your 8-track slot.

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About 38.46153846153846 Baker’s Dozens

What are the most famous uses of 500? Well, there is the famous error message, 500 Internal Server Error which is a server response code indicating that an unexpected condition has prevented filling a request. There is that popular Indianapolis 500, the number of miles ran in the race for the Indy Cars.

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Making the Gutenberg “Table” Block Better

Why isn’t my Table working correctly?

I was trying to create a simple table in a post that would be a checklist. It wanted two columns, the first would have a checkbox in it and the second would be the items to check off. Simple right?

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Smart Bulbs

Smart Bulbs connect through you WIFI to provide task lighting, accent lighting, and general lighting. The Philips Hue LED Lamps were the fist on the market, but now there is a wide variety of choices. They allow dimming and the changing of the color temperature from soft white to bright daylight. Some can emit up to 16 million colors.

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What Happens Every Year?

Well, there is the Sundance Film Festival, Super Bowl Sunday, Mardi Gras, the Masters Golf Tournament, The Boston Marathon, Comic-Con, Dragon-Con, the Peachtree Road Race and the Burning Man Festival. These things happen, well maybe not in a pandemic, but that couldn’t even stop me from posting 365 days in a row, here on Doyle’s Space.

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