How Does a Thermal Printer Work?

Is Direct or Transfer right for you?

Direct thermal printers work by creating images directly on the printed material without using a ribbon, toner, or ink. This is accomplished by using a chemically treated, heat-sensitive media that blackens when it passes under the thermal printhead.

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G4 and Techtv

24-hour cable and satellite channel based in San Francisco featuring news and shows about computers, technology, and the Internet.

G4 was launched on April 24, 2002, under the ownership of Comcast. It was created and originally led by Charles Hirschhorn, a former president of Walt Disney Television and Television Animation. Thre original intent was to compete with Techtv that was started in 1998 by Ziff-Davis.

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Telemarketer Calls

Hello, Hello, Hello

I don’t usually answer my phone unless the number calling me is in my contacts list. That being said, occasionally I’m expecting an important call and have no idea what number they’ll be calling from. I then get the fun of all the insurance calls, people wanting to buy my house or letting me know my car warranty has expired.

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Computer Mouse History

x,y position indicator for a display system

In 1967, the patent was filed for the first mouse, calling it an “x,y position indicator for a display system.” The patent was awarded in 1970. Douglas Engelbart (January 30, 1925 – July 2, 2013) conceived the mouse while attending a conference on computer graphics, where he started thinking about how to improve interactive computing.

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Antikythera Mechanism

Pronounced (AN-tih-kih-THEER-ə) – The action of turning the hand crank would also cause all interlocked gears within the mechanism to rotate, resulting in the simultaneous calculation of the position of the sun and moon, the moon phase, eclipse, and calendar cycles, and perhaps the locations of planets.

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient Greek hand-powered orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system, described as the oldest example of an analog computer used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses decades in advance.

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Shopping Carts

Self-driving shopping carts?

Shopping carts are a vital part of retail stores. They let customers buy more than they could carry, they haul the small children around and they get stolen oh so often. According to the Food Marketing Institute in Washington D.C., annual costs due to cart theft is around $800 million.

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My Blog is Growing

Happy Birthday to Doyle’s Space!

Doyle’s Space is two years old! I’ve been posting at least one post a day for two years now. I thought I’d look at my blog development and see how my child is doing. At the time of this post, I’ve posted 730 days in a row with a total post count of 924. My idea of having menu items that let you easily find archived posts on various subjects has come along nicely. At the time of this post, I have also inducted 10 musicians into my Doyle’s Space Music Hall of Fame with big plans coming.

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Amazon Deliveries

Toss and run!

I’m always complaining about how poorly Amazon packs their packages. The item is often just bashing around in there, corner to corner. I’ve only had two things arrive broken (or crushed) since the late 90s so I guess they can afford to save money on packing material. Since I bought security cameras I have caught their delivery habits, some better than others.

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Gilbert Gottfried Dies

“You never know what people will choose to be offended by.”

Gilbert Gottfried was born on February 28, 1955, in the Coney Island section of the Brooklyn borough of New York City. He started doing stand-up at age 15 and became known as a “comedian’s comedian”. In 1980, Gibert was hired for season 6 of Saturday Night Live. He was known for his shrilling voice, squinting eyes, crude humor, and being the hilarious voice of the  Aflac Duck in commercials. After sinking dramatically with some 9/11 humor he became the “too soon” comic.

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