Boardwatch Magazine

Boardwatch Magazine, known as just Boardwatch, was for the people running Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). Founded in Lakewood , Colorado by Jack Rickard in 1987 would transform into a trade magazine for Internet Service Providers (ISP) by the late 1990’s. It was a great resource with editorials and article on BBS and also (along with Computer Shopper Magazine) was a incredible resource to know what equipment and software was available .

Jack Rickard was the publisher from 1987-1999. He was from Missouri and served six years in the US Navy working with computers and electronic equipment. After the military he became a technical writer for defense contracting companies.

He was very interested in electric vehicles and converting gasoline cars to battery power. He died, at age 65, September 1, 2020. Bob Rankin was one of the writers for Boardwatch. He is “a translator for the technology impaired — a writer and computer programmer who enjoys exploring the Internet and explaining technology in plain English”.

John C. Dvorak, has been a columnist for Boardwatch, Forbes,, MacUser, MicroTimes, PC/Computing, Barron’s Magazine, Smart Business, and The Vancouver Sun and written more than a dozen computer technology books.