The silvery-white metal is one of six platinum group elements (PGEs) found in the Periodic Table of the Elements. The others are iridium, osmium, platinum, rhodium and ruthenium.

I was watching The Curse of Oak Island and they found Palladium in wood samples at over 100 feet deep in the Money Pit area. They believe that this wood comes from a tunnel. Palladium was discovered in 1803 by the English chemist William Hyde Wollaston and was named after the asteroid Pallas, which had been discovered a few years earlier.

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Rick and Marty Lagina

Digging for treasure.

As Rick remembers it, he was 11 years old when he discovered the classic story of buried treasure inside a 1965 copy of Reader’s Digest he’d checked out from the school library. According to the article, a century’s worth of treasure hunters had tried and failed to excavate a mysterious depression on Oak Island rumored to be hiding something of great significance.

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