1000 Days in a Row!

At least one post a day.

For the last 1000 days, I have posted at least once daily on my blog, Doyle’s Space. I thought I would celebrate this consistency with a post on the number 1,ooo, and some interesting related facts.

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Lord Byron

A British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination of Europe.

George Gordon Byron, known simply as Lord Byron, was born on January 22, 1788, on Holles Street in London, England. He was an English romantic poet and peer. He was one of the leading figures of the Romantic movement and has been regarded as among the greatest English poets. His birthplace is now a branch of the John Lewis[1] department store.

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Winchester Mystery House

It is sometimes claimed to be one of the “most haunted places in the world”

This Victorian and Gothic-style mansion is renowned for its size and its architectural curiosities. The Winchester Mystery House is a mansion in San Jose, California, located at 525 South Winchester Boulevard San Jose, CA 95128. It is also known for its paranormal anomalies.

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Mansa Musa

The best estimate of Mansa Musa’s wealth puts his riches at an absurd $400 billion.

Musa I (1280 – 1337) was the ninth Mansa of the Mali Empire, which reached its territorial peak during his reign. Musa is known for his wealth and generosity. He has been subject to popular claims that he is the wealthiest person in history, but his actual wealth is not known with any certainty. His riches came from the mining of significant gold and salt deposits in the Mali Empire, along with the slave and ivory trade.

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Doyle’s Space – Space Yodels

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once. The original word or phrase is known as the subject of the anagram. Any word or phrase that exactly reproduces the letters in another order is an anagram.

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Radioluminescent Paint

Luminescent paint is paint that exhibits luminescence. In other words, it gives off visible light through fluorescence, phosphorescence, or radioluminescence. There are three types of luminous paints: fluorescent paint, phosphorescent paint and radioluminescent paint.

When a radium salt is mixed with a paste of zinc sulfide, the alpha radiation causes the zinc sulfide to glow, yielding a self-luminescent paint for watches, clocks, and instrument dials. From about 1913 up until the 1970s, several million radium dials, coated with a mixture of radium-226 and zinc sulfide, were manufactured.

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Submarine AE1 Found

On the 104th anniversary of the loss of Australia’s first submarine HMAS AE1, a report released by the Australian National Maritime Museum today reveals new evidence which may finally solve the mystery behind its disappearance on 14 September 1914.

HMAS AE1 was an E-class submarine of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), their first submarine. AE1 was built by Vickers Limited at Barrow-in-Furness, England, having been laid down on November 14, 1911, and launched on May 22, 1913, and commissioned into the RAN on February 28, 1914.

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The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

A massive neo-gothic architectural landmark and a dark tourism destination

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, subsequently the Weston State Hospital, was a Kirkbride psychiatric hospital[1] that was operated from 1864 until 1994 by the government of the U.S. state of West Virginia, in the city of Weston. This site is claimed to be a venue for the demonic haunting and is now a site for themed horror shows.

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Ralph Glidden Grave Robber?

Few individuals connected with the history of Catalina Island lived a life as colorful and as riddled with contradictions and mystery as the archaeologist Ralph Glidden.

Catalina Island is about twenty-six miles off the coast of Los Angeles. For the Gabrielino/Tongva people (who called the island Pimu) it was home for at least 9,000 years until the arrival of the Spanish in 1542; their imported diseases and forced relocations had by the 1830s all but erased the Tongva presence.

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2023 – A Look at 100 Years Ago

What happened in 1923?

We made it another year. It is now 2023. I remember reading 2001: A Space Odyssey and feeling that that date was so far into the future. Well, I thought this would be a good time to look back 100 years, to 1923.

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