FFA Milton High School Log Cabin

I went to Milton High School in Alpharetta, Georgia, and even worked on restoring the 1935 log cabin that sat on the grounds there. Phil Thomas had started at Milton in 1971 and when seeing the disrepair of the cabin decided to take it on as a huge project.

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The Henry Repeating Rifle

The Henry gave a single man the firepower of a dozen marksmen armed with muzzle-loading muskets.

The Henry Repeating Rifle is a lever-action tubular magazine rifle designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860. It was a sixteen-shot .44 caliber rimfire breech-loading rifle and became the basis for the iconic Winchester rifle.

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Dr. Phineas T. Kastle

Extraordinary Gentleman

If you’ve watched Pawn Stars you’ve probably seen Dr. Phineas T. Kastle (aka Ken Kastle) appearing as an expert or is he just some kook they bring in for the ratings? And why does he dress like that? He has been an interior decorator since he was a child. His designs have been featured in Vogue Italy, has been designer for Julia Child, and for Michael Jackson’s home in Encino.

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NASA Railroad


The NASA Railroad is at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It consists of 38 miles of track connecting the mainline of the Florida East Coast Railway and trackage at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

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The Cover Up At Omaha Beach: Maisy Battery and the US Rangers by Gary Sterne

Normandy’s best kept secret

I was watching “Expedition Unknown” on the Discovery channel Season 8, Episode 1 when I learned about Maisy Battery. I posted about it then and you can read that one here. I was anxious to get this book and was not disappointed. A British military historian and author, Gary Sterne found Maisy Battery after locating a hand-drawn map in a US Army veteran’s uniform he had purchased. He is a keen collector of militaria and was a co-founder of “The Armourer and Skirmish Magazines“.

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Henry C. Beck Company

Working together for you

My recent find in my backyard was a “Henry C. Beck Company” hard hat. It is silver and I saw the shiny brim and dug it out of the ground. It seems that in 1912 Henry C. Beck founded the company in Houston, Texas as a general contractor.

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Have you forgotten?

This post was originally published on 9/11/2020 and updated on 9/11/2021

Where were you on September the 11th, 1999 at 8:46 am? I was at work, D&B Software (Geac/MSA) watching on a TV, on a roll cart, that John Hilyer set-up quickly so we could all watch.

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The Coldest City in the World

Yakutsk is a city that will not be on my Bucket List of places to visit in the winter. They have never recorded a temperature above freezing between November the 19th and March 14th. It is the capital city of the Sakha Republic, Russia. It is located 280 miles from the Artic Circle.

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USS Doyle DMS-34

The USS Doyle DMS-34, obliviously named after me, was a Gleaves-class destroyer (one of sixty six destroyers built 1938-42, designed by Gibbs & Cox, their first ship was called Gleaves). Doyle was built by the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Co., Seattle, Washington; sponsored by Mrs. C. M. Maloney and launched March 17, 1942.

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Thermite Grenades

They are commonly referred to as “Incendiary Grenades”

I was reading a World War II book on D-Day and they are constantly using thermite grenades. I thought I would do a little research. Most varieties are not explosive, but can create short bursts of extremely high temperatures focused on a very small area for a short period of time.

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