Dracula’s Daughter (1936)

So how come her last name isn’t Dracula?

This 1936 Universal Pictures horror film is a sequel, taking up exactly where the 1931 Dracula left off. I watched this movie, directed by Lambert Hillyer (The Invisible Ray, the first screen depiction of Batman, and many westerns) on Svengoolie.

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The Invisible Man Returns (1940)

I watched this 1940 Universal Pictures release of the H.G. Wells story, The Invisible Man Returns on Svengoolie. The horror/science fiction film, the second in The Invisible Man series, was directed by Joe May (was an Austrian film director and film producer and one of the pioneers of German cinema). The movie takes place 9 years after the first finding Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe sentenced to death for killing his brother, which he did not. Dr. Frank Griffin, the brother to the original invisible man, inject him with Duocane (it was Monocane in the first movie) and makes him invisible.

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