The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

I watched the 1957 Universal International horror/sci-fi movie “The Incredible Shrinking Man” on Svengoolie. After going through a strange fog, while boating, Robert “Scott” Carey begins to slowly shrink after a few months. The movie was produced by Albert Zugsmith (Touch of Evil, High School Confidential, Confessions of an Opium Eater) and directed by  Jack Arnold (It Came From Outer Space, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Revenge of the Creature, Tarantula!, High School Confidential).

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The Undead (1957)

I watched the 1957 American International Pictures “The Undead” fantasy/horror movie on Svengoolie. A beautiful woman, Diana Love/Helene, is sent back in time, via hypnosis, where she is suspected of being a witch. Quintus, the psychic researcher responsible now needs to go back to that same place in time to save her. The film is based on the 1950’s book “The Search for Bridey Murphy”(a case where a housewife claims to be in a past life) by Morey Berstein (businessman that pursued an amateur interest in hypnotism all the way back to 19th-century Ireland as he coaxed a young mother into recounting a previous life as a woman named Bridey Murphy). The Undead was originally titled “The Trance of Diana Love” and was filmed in a converted grocery store in 10 days. The movie was produced and directed by Roger Corman (“The Pope of Pop Cinema”, Attack of the Crab Monsters, The Brain Eaters, The Little Shop of Horrors, The Wild Angels, Death Race 2000, Forbidden World, The Fantastic Four, Pit and the Pendulum).

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The Beast Must Die (1974)

I watched this 1974 Americus Production, “The Beast Must Die” on Svengoolie. This British horror film, made at Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Middx, England, was directed by Paul Annett (English film and television director). A millionaire big game hunter invites a group of people to spend some time at his English mansion knowing that one of them is a vampire. He plans to find out which one is the beast and hunt them down.

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The Shadow of the Cat (1961)

I watched this 1961 Universal International , B.H.P. Films Presentation, of “The Shadow of the Cat” on Svengoolie. It is a British horror film filmed at Bray Studios, England, and directed by John Gilling (Hammer Horror films, The Gamma People, High Flight, The Night Caller, The Plague of the Zombies, The Reptile, The Mummy’s Shroud). It was written by George Baxt and produced by Jon Penington. It is about a wealthy, elderly lady is murdered and the only witness is Tabitha, her cat and star of the movie, who now is tormenting the murderers who want her dead too.

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The Devil Doll (1964)

I watched the Associated Film Distributing Corp. 1964 horror film The Devil Doll on Svengoolie. It is about a ventriloquist, “The Great Vorelli” and his dummy Hugo who has an incredible show, leaving all in amazement. It seems there may be more to it than an act. The movie is directed by  Lindsay Shonteff (known for low budget films in England) and produced by Richard Gordon (The Cat and the Canary, Inseminoid, The Haunted Strangler, Fiend Without a Face, First Man into Space, Corridors of Blood, Secrets of Sex, Horror Hospital).

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The Thing That Couldn’t Die (1958)

I watched the 1958 Universal International black and white motion picture The Thing That Couldn’t Die on Svengoolie. Jessica has the power to use her divining forked stick to find water, and other items like a watch or wedding ring. This time she finds a buried copper chest, with writing in it, and she knows it is evil and should not be opened. The ranch hand gets the slow witted handyman to break into the box, before an archeologist can get there to examine it, where he finds a disembodied head that telepathically controls his mind.

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The Invisible Man Returns (1940)

I watched this 1940 Universal Pictures release of the H.G. Wells story, The Invisible Man Returns on Svengoolie. The horror/science fiction film, the second in The Invisible Man series, was directed by Joe May (was an Austrian film director and film producer and one of the pioneers of German cinema). The movie takes place 9 years after the first finding Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe sentenced to death for killing his brother, which he did not. Dr. Frank Griffin, the brother to the original invisible man, inject him with Duocane (it was Monocane in the first movie) and makes him invisible.

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The Invisible Man

I watched the 1933 Universal Pictures film The Invisible Man on Svengoolie. The movie is based on the H.G. Wells (The Island of Doctor Moreau, The War of the Worlds) book by the same name and stars Claude Raines (The Adventures of Robin Hood, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Wolf Man, Casablanca, Phantom of the Opera, Battle of the Worlds, Lawrence of Arabia, The Greatest Story Ever Told) as Dr. Jack Griffin who has found the secret of invisibility and given it to himself.

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The Black Scorpion (1957)

I watched the 1957 black and white Warner Bros., Sci-Fi/Horror movie, The Black Scorpion on Svengoolie. It was filmed at Estadio Universitario, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. The stop-action animation was by King Kong expert Willis O’Brien with the help of Pete Peterson who did most of the hands on animation. Due to the low budget, most of it was created in Peterson’s home garage. The 30 foot long inch worm was an unused prop from the King Kong movie.

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Man-Made Monster (1941)

I watched the 1941 Universal Pictures, science fiction horror movie, Man-Made Monster on Svengoolie. This film is directed by George Waggner (Horror Island, The Wolf Man, 10 episodes of Batman 1966-1968) and produced by Jack Bernhard (Unknown Island, Decoy, Blonde Ice, The Second Face). Dan McCormick played by Lon Chaney Jr. (played The Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy in various movies) is on a bus that wrecks and a power line kills everyone on board but him.

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