Bob Barker Dies

“Come on down!”

Bob Barker is a well-known American television personality who gained fame as the longtime host of the popular game show “The Price Is Right.” He was born on December 12, 1923, in Darrington, Washington, USA, and grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation[1] in South Dakota and later attended Drury College (now Drury University) in Springfield, Missouri, where he studied economics and journalism.

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Where Did the Name Bigfoot Come From?

He made a plaster cast of one of the prints and brought it to the local newspaper office.

The creature commonly known as “Bigfoot” received its name from a series of reported large footprints found in the forests of northern California in the 1950s. These footprints were said to be much larger than those of a human and became a topic of interest among locals and researchers.

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