Conspiracy Theorists Cruise

At Sea with America’s Largest Floating Gathering of Conspiracy Theorists

These days you have a wide variety of themed cruises you can take. With a quick browse, I found themes like wrestling, cat lovers, bikers, Star Trek, The KISS Kruise, 70s Rock & Romance, country music, Soul Train, the 80s, rock legends, and The Beach Boys Good Vibrations Cruise.

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Jack Osbourne

“As long as I know my head’s in the right place, my feet are on the ground, I think I’ll be fine.”

Jack Joseph Osbourne (born November 8, 1985) is the son of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. He was born in London to Ozzy and his wife Sharon. Jack Osbourne has stated that his childhood was “perfectly happy and contented”.

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Interdimensional Spirits

Dimensions that coexist separately alongside our own.

An “interdimensional being” is a hypothetical entity that exists beyond our universe. An interdimensional being, extra-dimensional, intra-dimensional suggests an entity that can time travel and move out of the physical body into a spiritual one.

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Russell Acord

Researcher, Author, Filmmaker, Keynote Speaker, Talent Manager, TV Personality

Russell Acord was born 08/13/1965 in Baltimore, Maryland but, as a child, his family moved to the state of Montana. He went to elementary school in Corvallis, Montana, and high school in Arlee, Montana. He is an author, a filmmaker, and now a co-host on a great series called “Expedition Bigfoot” on the Travel Channel.

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David Childress

He is known as the real-life Indiana Jones to the many fans of his books.

David Hatcher Childress was born June 1, 1957, in France to his American parents. He was raised in Colorado and Montana and went to the University of Montana–Missoula to study archaeology. He left college in 1976 to pursue his archaeological interests.

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Ozark Howler

Hoaxes and falsely-reported sightings abound and make finding the truth even more difficult. Reported sightings date back to the early 1800s and are still occuring.

The Ozark Howler, also known as the Ozark Black Howler, the Hoo-Hoo, the Nightshade Bear, and the Devil Cat, is a legendary creature that is purported to live in remote areas in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. The creature is reported to be cat-like, large like a bear, with glowing red eyes, black fur, and some have said a horned head.

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Medium Cindy Kaza

Some of her favorite films are “Pulp Fiction”, the trilogy “Kill Bill” and “Grand Torino”, and a couple of her favorite actors and actresses are Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman.

Cindy Kaza is a clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), and clairsentient (clear feeling) who works across the country as an evidential medium. Evidential mediumship is a style of mediumship practiced around the world that puts heavy weight on the medium’s ability to bring through extremely specific evidence to the sitter. This evidence can include but is certainly not limited to, names, personality traits, physical ailments, favorite past times, and phrases often used by loved ones in spirit.

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Skookum Cast

Was it a Bigfoot?

The Skookum Cast is a supposed body casting of a Bigfoot made near Mount Adams in the southern part of Washington state in the year 2000. An Australian television program for Animal Planet called “Animal X” had come to the United States to film a Bigfoot special.

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Panspermia is the belief that the life on earth derives from “seeds” of extraterrestial origin

The panspermia theory argues that life is originated in space, in spatial ices, and continuously distributed to the planets by comets and meteorites. The origin could be somewhere nearby, like Mars, or light years away.

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What Are The Sierra Sounds?

Did you see Bigfoot?

The Sierra Sounds are vocalizations, being made out in the wilderness by some unknown creatures. They were recorded by journalist Alan Berry and avid outdoorsman Ron Morehead. They would hang microphones in trees and then wait patiently for the sounds to occur.

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