Cape Girardeau 1941 UFO Incident

A local legend first gained wider attention in the 1980s when resident Charlotte Mann claimed in interviews that her father, Reverend William Huffman of the Red Star Baptist Church, had administered last rites for the dying crew of a crashed flying saucer.

The Cape Girardeau UFO Incident of 1941 stands as a mysterious chapter in the annals of unidentified flying objects, sparking debates and curiosity among enthusiasts, skeptics, and researchers alike. This incident allegedly occurred in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, during a time when the world was on the brink of global conflict, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative.

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Ohio Grassman

Among persistent legends of the paranormal, the Ohio Grassman, also known as “The Minerva Monster,” has been linked via popular media to Ohio and, to some extent, Perry County.

The Ohio Grassman is a cryptid that is said to inhabit the forests of Ohio, particularly in the rural and wooded areas. Descriptions of the creature vary, but it is generally described as a large, ape-like creature covered in hair, resembling the legendary Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

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The Warminster Thing

Soon, Warminster was swarmed by UFO enthusiasts, who wanted to learn all about “The Thing.”

The Warminster Thing refers to a series of unexplained and mysterious events that occurred in and around the town of Warminster in Wiltshire, England, during the 1960s and 1970s.

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Practitioners provide services such as healing, divination, love spells, protection, and cursing.

Brujería, also known as witchcraft or sorcery, is a term that encompasses various folkloric practices and beliefs related to magic, spirituality, and the occult. It is commonly associated with Latin American and Caribbean cultures, particularly in countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, where indigenous beliefs and traditions have merged with Catholicism and African spiritual practices.

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Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

In 1955, two families in Hopkinsville, Kentucky survived one of the craziest alien encounters ever recorded. Not only did they see a flying saucer, but they engaged in a gunfight with the group of mysterious creatures and survived multiple attacks on their home.

The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, also known as the Kelly Green Men case, is a famous and puzzling UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and alien encounter that occurred in 1955. The incident took place near the rural town of Kelly and the nearby Hopkinsville in Kentucky, USA.

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Kecksburg Acorn Shaped UFO

Some described it as a large, acorn-shaped object with distinctive hieroglyphic-like markings on its surface.

The Kecksburg UFO incident of 1965 is a well-known case of an alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting and subsequent government involvement in the United States. It occurred on December 9, 1965, when numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing a fireball streaking across the sky over several U.S. states, including Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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What is a Pukwudgie?

Little wild man of the woods that vanishes.

Pukwudgies are mythical creatures from Native American folklore, particularly among the Wampanoag and Algonquian-speaking tribes of the northeastern United States, including the regions of New England and the Great Lakes. These creatures are known for their mischievous and sometimes malevolent behavior.

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Phil Torres

Lepidopterology is the study of butterflies and moths

Phil Torres is a biologist, science communicator, photographer, and television host known for his diverse range of work in the fields of biology, conservation, and science education. He is based in New York City but is involved in projects that take him all around the world. Phil has a strong affinity for butterflies, and has dedicated a significant portion of his career to studying and advocating for these beautiful insects.

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The first interstellar object detected passing through the Solar System.

‘Oumuamua (pronounced oh-MOO-ah-MOO-ah) is a highly elongated, cigar-shaped object that became a topic of significant interest in the field of astronomy when it was discovered on October 19, 2017, by astronomers using the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii[1].

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Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO)

They established APRO to collect and analyze UFO reports, study related scientific data, and promote a rational and scientific approach to UFO research.

The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) was indeed a prominent UFO research group that played a significant role in the study and investigation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Founded in January 1952 by husband and wife team Jim and Coral Lorenzen, APRO quickly gained recognition for its diligent approach to UFO research and its commitment to scientific inquiry.

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