Joel Whitburn Dies

Love Music? Love Trivia? Love Statistics? Then…

Joel Whitburn is known by music industry experts around the world for the detailed record research he began as a hobby. He was born November 29, 1939, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He started collecting records in his teens and subscribed to Billboard[1] in 1953. When they started the Hot 100[2] in 1958 Joel would record the chart placings of records on index cards.

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Sears and J.C. Penny

The idea that I could actually own the current hits that I was hearing on “American Top 40” was new to me.

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I purchased my last model airplane kit the same day I purchased my first Rock 45. I was 13, and at the Sears store at Cumberland Mall. After paying for my new model plane, I had two dollars and some coins left over. I could have gone over to the wonderful Sears candy counter but before I made any decisions, I happened past the stereo and record department.

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