Spyder Bike

Wheelie bikes are also called Muscle bikes, High-Riser bikes, Spyder bikes and Banana bikes. Designed in the 1960’s to resemble the Chopper motorcycles with ape hanger handlebars (wide, easy to see through, with high grips), banana seat with sissy bars

(long seats that could accommodate a second rider with a metal backrest at the rear) and 16-20 inch wheels (the larger one in the back). Al Fritz designed the Schwinn Sting-Ray which was released in 1963, other companies, like Sears, would follow upon their success. I got a Sears Spyder bike for Chistmas in the 60’s and it was my favorite.

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Electric Football

I got my Electric Football game for Christmas in the late 60’s and I thought it was incredible. As an only child I mostly played the game by myself and it worked very well.

In the late 40’s Norman Sas, President of Tudor Metal Products, invented the game. Sas based it off the Tudor vibrating car racing game already in production. In the 60’s, industrial designer Lee Payne came up with the idea for plastic 3D figures in football poses and actual NFL licensing of teams. There have been many updates through the years and they still make electric football games today. This is all I have left of mine, the kicker and a goal post!