My Favorite Albums – Mystery Pop – MysteryPop

The sky is just a time machine the stars we see have long since perished.
And every wish we’ve made so far reminds us just how small we are like all the little things we cherish.

This is the 2002 CD release of “Mystery Pop” by the band known as MysteryPop. They were formed in the late 1990s and began with the band name The Spanish Kitchen. The foursome was founded by Simon Glickman (vocals) and Willie Aron (guitars).

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Sears and J.C. Penny

The idea that I could actually own the current hits that I was hearing on “American Top 40” was new to me.

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I purchased my last model airplane kit the same day I purchased my first Rock 45. I was 13, and I was at the Sears store in Cumberland Mall. After paying for my new model plane, I had two dollars and some coins left over. I could have gone over to the wonderful Sears candy counter but before I made any decisions, I happened past the stereo and record department.

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