The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966)

I watched Universal Pictures 1966 comedy/horror film “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” (for the umpteenth time) on Svengoolie. This movie stars Barney,  I mean Don Knotts, as Luther Heggs, the typesetter at the local newspaper. He spends a night in a haunted house, where there had been a murder-suicide, and on this 20th anniversary of the event, witnesses a series of horrifying events. When his story is published by the paper, Luther is a hero but the home owner, Simmons, sues the newspaper and Luther for liable.

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The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Main Theme

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is a 1966 hilariously scary comedy starring Don Knotts. The music is by Vic Mizzy. This is a remake that Donnie found, while we were at Circle Sky, by an Unknown artist. It is very groovy, my favorite version.

‘At a boy, Luther

Unknown person in crowd (from the movie)
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Mail\n Title by Unknown

Here is the Vic Mizzy Main title from the movie!