Michael Nesmith Dies

Play the drum a little louder, Tell me I can live without her, If I only listen to the band.

Today a part of me was ripped away. In my childhood, I was a huge Monkees fan. I watched every episode as they aired and recorded the audio of each with my Radio Shack cassette recorder. Following the show, I would play that tape over and over and over and over.

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My Favorite Albums – The Archies – The Archies

Another of my favorites is the debut, self titled album, for The Archies. It was the first album that I purchased on its release day. In 1968, I got Mother to drive me to the Kmart in Sandy Springs where I picked it off the record sections new release end cap. I played it over and over, hundreds of times before I dropped it and lost the first two songs on each side!

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