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Another of my favorites is the debut, self titled album, for The Archies. It was the first album that I purchased on its release day. In 1968, I got Mother to drive me to the Kmart in Sandy Springs where I picked it off the record sections new release end cap. I played it over and over, hundreds of times before I dropped it and lost the first two songs on each side!

The Archies’ first single, two songs from this LP, was Bang-Shang-A-Lang (Billboard #22) with the B-side Truck Driver. I had this prior to the album and loved both of these songs. Jeff Barry and lead singer Ron Dante (photo) created incredible pop music, known as bubblegum.

The Archies was a comic book and TV cartoon but Don Kirschner’s creation of the music was very real. The Archie albums to follow were great also, Everything’s Archie, Jingle Jangle and Sunshine were the essence of what bubblegum music was about. Sugar, Sugar was the number one song of all of 1969. I love this music still today.

Songs and Session Personnel from Wikipedia

“Archie’s Theme (Everything’s Archie)” (Jeff Barry)
“Boys and Girls” (Jeff Barry)
“Time for Love” (Mark Barkan, Ritchie Adams)
“You Make Me Wanna Dance” (Jeff Barry)
“La Dee Doo Down Down” (Jeff Barry)
“Truck Driver” (Jeff Barry)
“Catchin’ Up On Fun” (Mark Barkan, Ritchie Adams)
“I’m in Love” (Jeff Barry)
“Seventeen Ain’t Young” (Jeff Barry)
“Ride, Ride, Ride” (Jeff Barry)
“Hide and Seek” (Mark Barkan, Ritchie Adams)
“Bang-Shang-A-Lang” (Jeff Barry)

Vocals: Ron Dante
Drums: Gary Chester
Guitars: Dave Appell
Bass guitar: Joey Macho
Keyboards: Ron Frangipane

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