Atlanta Braves: World Series Champs

World Series Champions Forever!

Technically the Braves started playing baseball in 1903 although the actual “Braves” name didn’t stick until 1941. Prior to that, they were the Boston Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers, Braves, Bees, and finally Braves again.

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About 38.46153846153846 Baker’s Dozens

What are the most famous uses of 500? Well, there is the famous error message, 500 Internal Server Error which is a server response code indicating that an unexpected condition has prevented filling a request. There is that popular Indianapolis 500, the number of miles ran in the race for the Indy Cars.

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Hank Aaron Dies

Henry Lewis Aaron (Hank) was born in Mobile, Alabama, February 5, 1934. His baseball career started on November, 20, 1951, as he got a contract with the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro American League where he played as shortstop and started getting Major League Baseball (MLB) offers.

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