1000 Days in a Row!

At least one post a day.

For the last 1000 days, I have posted at least once daily on my blog, Doyle’s Space. I thought I would celebrate this consistency with a post on the number 1,ooo, and some interesting related facts.

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My Blog is Growing

Happy Birthday to Doyle’s Space!

Doyle’s Space is two years old! I’ve been posting at least one post a day for two years now. I thought I’d look at my blog development and see how my child is doing. At the time of this post, I’ve posted 730 days in a row with a total post count of 924. My idea of having menu items that let you easily find archived posts on various subjects has come along nicely. At the time of this post, I have also inducted 10 musicians into my Doyle’s Space Music Hall of Fame with big plans coming.

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Most Popular Posts on Doyle’s Space for 2021

Who’ll be the 2021 winner?

As more folks check out my blog they adventure around my categories and read the things that interest them. Sometimes, older posts are suddenly popular probably because there was something out there in the news that triggered a certain search term on the internet. I decided to see what my most popular posts were for the past year. The data is from my “Stats and Insights” on my WordPress Dashboard. Winners are at the bottom.

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Republishing an Old Post

There was even a mistpyed word that I found.

It was 9/11 and I thought it would be a good idea to republish an old post I had previously submitted on the topic. I wanted to update it, adding a featured image, an excerpt, and some new images I had found. There was even a mistyped word that I found. How to go about this and bring the old post back to the top?

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About 38.46153846153846 Baker’s Dozens

What are the most famous uses of 500? Well, there is the famous error message, 500 Internal Server Error which is a server response code indicating that an unexpected condition has prevented filling a request. There is that popular Indianapolis 500, the number of miles ran in the race for the Indy Cars.

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Making the Gutenberg “Table” Block Better

Why isn’t my Table working correctly?

I was trying to create a simple table in a post that would be a checklist. It wanted two columns, the first would have a checkbox in it and the second would be the items to check off. Simple right?

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What Happens Every Year?

Well, there is the Sundance Film Festival, Super Bowl Sunday, Mardi Gras, the Masters Golf Tournament, The Boston Marathon, Comic-Con, Dragon-Con, the Peachtree Road Race and the Burning Man Festival. These things happen, well maybe not in a pandemic, but that couldn’t even stop me from posting 365 days in a row, here on Doyle’s Space.

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