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What are the most famous uses of 500? Well, there is the famous error message, 500 Internal Server Error which is a server response code indicating that an unexpected condition has prevented filling a request. There is that popular Indianapolis 500, the number of miles ran in the race for the Indy Cars.

Another motorsport is the Daytona 500 where NASCAR kicks off its season every year. Near me at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Dale Earnhart won the Atlanta 500 in 1980, Bobby Allison in 1978, Richard Petty in 1977, and Cale Yarborough in 1974 to name a few.

There was a $500 (Blue Seal) bill with a picture of John Marshall on the front and DeSoto discovering the Mississippi in 1541, circa 1918. Also, there was a $500 (Green Seal) bill printed between 1928 and 1934 with a picture of William McKinley.

The Western Electric model 500 was made available in 1950. They were owned by the local Bell Operating Company and leased on a monthly basis to customers. There was the Forbes 500, top 500 American companies, calculated by combining five factors: sales, profits, assets, market value, and employees. The Fortune 500 ranks the largest companies by total revenue.

The 500 home run club is a group of batters who have hit 500 or more regular-season home runs in their careers. This list includes Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, and Willie Mays. There are several 500 series cars like the Italian Fiat 500, the Lexus LC-500 Japanese sports car, and the German luxury car, Mercedes-Benz 500.

There is the Smith & Wesson Model 500, the Mossberg 500 a shotgun, and the Ultimate 500 a 5-shot single-action revolver chambered for the .500 S&W cartridge, manufactured by Gary Reeder Custom Guns.

500 kHz has been an international calling and distress frequency for Morse code maritime communication since early in the 20th century. It is also the number of days in a row that I have made a post on the Doyle’s Space WordPress blog!

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