I got a pitch back when I was a kid. I used it for years, repaired it many times. It worked great and was incredibly durable. It is long disintegrated but I still have the instructions (See image at end of the post)! The net had 24 S-hooks to attach to the frame. You could stand far away and try to hit the center every throw.

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Formula 1 or IndyCar

If you like speed and lap racing, then you’re probably going to like both types of races

At the time of this post, Mercedes, Honda, Renault, and Ferrari are the power unit manufacturers of the Formula One (F1) teams with Honda leaving at the end of 2021, replaced by Red Bull. Honda and Chevrolet are the sole two engine makers for the Indy Car series.

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Hank Aaron Dies

Henry Lewis Aaron (Hank) was born in Mobile, Alabama, February 5, 1934. His baseball career started on November, 20, 1951, as he got a contract with the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro American League where he played as shortstop and started getting Major League Baseball (MLB) offers.

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Phil “Knucksie” Niekro Dies

After a long battle with Cancer, Hall of Famer Phil Niekro passed away in his sleep, December 26, 2020, at age 81 in Atlanta, Georgia. He started as a reliever for the Milwaukee Braves, April 15, 1964. By 1967,

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2020: The Year of Chase

Chase Elliott joins his daddy, Bill Elliott as a NASCAR champion. He was already NASCAR’s most popular driver now he is the CUP Champion too. At the final race in Phoenix he led the most laps, 153, after starting at the rear of the field.

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Ford v Ferrari (2019)

I watched the 2019, historical racing film, Ford v Ferrari on Netflix DVD. It is the story of how Ford got into the racing scene. Matt Damon is Carroll Shelby and Christian Bell is Ken Miles in this accurate recount of the 24 hours of Daytona and Le Man races of 1966. They do a great job and the racing scenes are great. I give it 4.7 out of 5.

Also check out WikipediaIMDB, Rotten Tomatoes,  and The Wrap for more info.

Fords crossing the finish at Le Mans 1966 – actual photo

Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball was invented in 1953 by David Mullaney who wanted a ball, that was really easy to curve, for his 12 year old son. It got its name because they would refer to a strikeout as a whiff.

I loved playing in my backyard with a friend. You can throw all sorts of exaggerated curves. I used to hit with my regular baseball bat, which was good practice for the real thing. The ball, on the left, is one I actually used as a kid (notice the repairs!) The Variety Store, in Alpharetta Georgia, always carried wiffle balls that came in boxes like the one above. From Wikipedia: The Wiffle Ball is about the same size as a regulation baseball, but is hollow, lightweight, of resilient plastic, and no more than 1/8 inch (3 mm) thick. One half is perforated with eight .75-inch (19 mm) oblong holes; the other half is non-perforated.

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