The Black Scorpion (1957)

I watched the 1957 black and white Warner Bros., Sci-Fi/Horror movie, The Black Scorpion on Svengoolie. It was filmed at Estadio Universitario, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. The stop-action animation was by King Kong expert Willis O’Brien with the help of Pete Peterson who did most of the hands on animation. Due to the low budget, most of it was created in Peterson’s home garage. The 30 foot long inch worm was an unused prop from the King Kong movie.

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Tarantula! (1955)

I watched the 1955 science fiction, giant monster horror movie “Tarantula!” on Svengoolie. The Universal-International flick is produced by William Alland (This Island Earth, It Came From Outer Space, The Deadly Mantis, The Mole People, The Colossus of New York, The Space Children, and the three Creature from the Black Lagoon films) and directed by Jack Arnold (It Came from Outer Space, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Incredible Shrinking Man).

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