My Favorite Albums – Nazz – Nazz

You can take what’s mine, you can share my bed, you can go where I go, you can cry when I’m dead

I was blown away the first time I heard “Nazz”. It is a great rockin’ album by the psychedelic rock/pop group Nazz released in 1968. In Philadelphia, the band was founded by guitarist and principal songwriter Todd Rundgren and bassist Carson Van Osten. Their name was derived from the Yardbirds’ song “The Nazz Are Blue” from the 1966 “Roger the Engineer” album.

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Stacks of 45’s – Jean/The Arrangement

It’s what you might call a kind of an arrangement

When I was young before I had cassettes, the only good way of making a playlist of songs was to stack 45s on the turntable. I would arrange for them to play my favorite songs in my favorite order. These posts are about records I had in my stacks.

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