Kit Kat

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kar bar.

Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection. They were created by Rowntree’s of York, the United Kingdom in 1911. The standard bars consist of two or four pieces composed of three layers of wafer, separated and covered by an outer layer of chocolate.

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Wet wipes are often included as part of a standard sealed cutlery package offered in restaurants or along with airline meals.

Wet-Naps, also known as a wet wipe, wet towel or a moist towelette, disposable wipe, disinfecting wipe, or a baby wipe (in specific circumstances) a small to medium-sized moistened piece of plastic or cloth that either comes folded or individually wrapped for convenience or, in the case of dispensers, as a large roll with individual wipes that can be torn off.

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Chock full o’Nuts

But absent of any nuts.

Chock full o’Nuts is an American brand of coffee that originated from a chain of New York City coffee shops. Just in case you’re wondering, the coffee contains no nuts.

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Pronounced POH-KAY

Poké is Hawaiian for “to slice” or “cut crosswise into pieces”. It is diced fish served as an appetizer or the main course and is a staple of Native Hawaiian cuisine. Traditionally skipjack tuna (aku) and octopus (he’e) are used. Poké began with fishermen seasoning the cut-offs from their catch to serve as a snack.

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Sugar Frosted Flakes

They’re Gr-r-reat!

Kellogg’s “Sugar Frosted Flakes” were introduced in 1952. They were a sweetened version of their “Corn Flakes” that had been around since 1894. Corn Flakes were created by Will Kellogg for patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium where he was working with his brother John. Each corn kernel makes about three flakes. In the fall it is harvested and taken to a mill. At the mill, the corn is sifted and rolled then sent to a Kellogg’s factory for the final steps: Cooking, drying, rolling, and toasting. Add the sugar frosting, and viola, Corn Flakes become Frosted Flakes.

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Fully Cooked Appleton Farms Bacon

Sandwich in a hurry

Tim gave me some tomatoes, from his garden, so I wanted to make some bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. I haven’t been feeling too good so I knew I wouldn’t get that bacon fried, even if I bought some. I had wanted to try the fully cooked variety so this was the opportunity.

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Ford’s BBQ

The Best Thing to come out of 2020

Last Updated Sep 26, 2022 @ 8:47 pm

I was shocked twice today about a new restaurant we tried. First, I would have thought this BBQ had been here for years yet it opened in the fall of 2021. The second was how great the service and food were and I’ll definitely be returning here. It was opened by pitmasters Justin Bradford and Jon Jaffin who pride themselves on high-quality smoked meats, made-from-scratch Southern sides with a Mexican twist, and special housemade sauces.

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Oat Milk

If you are looking for a low-sugar oat milk, the Chobani Zero Sugar Oat Milk is top of the list.

Unlike soy milk, which was made in China during the period A.D. 25-220, oat milk is brand new. I’m talking about the 1990s when it was developed in Sweden. Oat milk is notable among baristas because it doesn’t separate when making coffee beverages. This makes it the perfect alternative for any iced drinks such as iced coffees, iced lattes, and iced macchiatos.

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