Shopping Carts

Self-driving shopping carts?

Shopping carts are a vital part of retail stores. They let customers buy more than they could carry, they haul the small children around and they get stolen oh so often. According to the Food Marketing Institute in Washington D.C., annual costs due to cart theft is around $800 million.

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Nik-L-Nip Mini Drinks

Bite’em, Drink’em, Chew’em

I just learned the name of these wax candy treats as I was researching for this post. Vinny Cavallo created Nik-L-Nip in the early part of the 20th century. They are food-grade paraffin[1] wax soda bottles (Coke bottles) filled with a flavored liquid.

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Ann Turner Cook, the Gerber Baby, Dies

A face we all know

Born Ann Leslie Turner in Westport, Connecticut, she was the daughter of a syndicated cartoonist Leslie Turner, who drew the comic strip Captain Easy[1] for decades. Dorothy Hope Smith, their next-door neighbor, who did a charcoal drawing of Ann when she was a baby. Gerber chose that drawing in 1928.

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Hostess Snowballs

Fun color, same great taste

Sno Balls were introduced by Hostess Brands in 1947. This Lenexa, Kansas-based company was formed in June 1913. Owning several bakeries, they produce snack cakes under the Hostess and Dolly Madison brand names and its Canadian subsidiary, Voortman Cookies Limited.

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Heated Cans?

Within 4 minutes, the tin and its contents were piping hot

Back during World War II Heinz made these tins that would heat up in minutes to provide the soldier with a nice hot can of cocoa or soup. You could just pop open the top hatch, ignite the smokeless fuel that was ignited with a fuse. Within 4 minutes, the tin and its contents were piping hot and could be poured out. Anyone could have a hot meal without cooking apparatus.

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Mary Macs Tea Room

‘’Atlanta’s Dining Room!’’
Serving made-from-scratch classic Southern food with genuine hospitality in the heart of Atlanta for over seventy-five years

It was 1945 when Mary MacKenzie opened Mary Mac’s Tea Room near Peachtree Street on Ponce de Leon Avenue. In those tough days right after the end of World War II, enterprising women in search of a living were establishing restaurants all over Atlanta. At the time, a woman couldn’t just open up a restaurant, so many female proprietors used the more refined Southern name of “Tea Room.”

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Miracle Whip Salad Dressing

The Bread Spread

As a child my family always ate Kraft Real Mayonnaise. Great on all those sandwiches especially those bacon, lettuce, and garden-fresh tomato ones. But, when I would go over to my friend Tim’s house, they had Miracle Whip Salad Dressing. Kraft, which invented Miracle Whip, got its start in the cheese business and decided to start selling mayonnaise in 1926.

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Baked Calf Liver and Onions w/Gravy

Livers contain zero fat but are extremely high in protein. Therefore, the liver is easily one of the most nutrient-dense foods available to man.

My Mother made beef liver and onions all the time. I liked it but have no idea how she prepared it. I purchased a four-piece pack of frozen calf liver at Wayfield Food and looked for a recipe. I found one at

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Spanish Ham Sniffers

The Iberian pig originated from a rare endemic breed of Portugal and Spain, which originated from the Mediterranean wild boar.

A proper Iberian ham should smell slightly sweet, with woody and nutty notes from the acorns. Iberian is a type of ham from the Iberian pig, very appreciated in the cuisine of Spain and Portugal, and often considered as an article of haute cuisine and gastronomic luxury.

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