Forbidden Planet (1956)


I watched one of the most classic sci-fi films ever made on Svengoolie. This 1956 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie has a starship crew in the 23rd century going to investigate the silence of a distant planet’s colony, only to find just two survivors, a powerful robot, and the deadly secret of a lost civilization. produced by Nicholas Nayfack (“The Invisible Boy” Robbie the Robot’s second appearance), and directed by Fred M. Wilcox (“Lassie Come Home”, “Courage of Lassie”).

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Why is “Dick” Short for “Richard”?

What is going on here?

Why is “Bob” short for “Robert” or “Bill” short for “William”? I’ve always wondered about these language anomalies and never knew the answer. “Rich” should be the nickname for “Richard”, “Will” for “William”, and “Rob” for “Robert”, right?

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