Spectrum Analyzer

A frequency spectrum refers to the distribution of frequencies present in a signal or a system.

On the TV show, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” they are constantly using spectrum analyzers to detect a mysterious signal at 1.6 GHz. A spectrum analyzer is a device used to measure and display the frequency spectrum of a signal.

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Brandon Fugal

Fugal gained widespread recognition for his ownership of Skinwalker Ranch.

Brandon Fugal is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and real estate developer. He is best known as the owner of Skinwalker Ranch, a property located in Utah, which gained significant attention due to its reported paranormal and UFO-related activities. While Fugal is associated with Skinwalker Ranch, his business ventures span various industries.

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Digging Into Skinwalker Ranch by Ryan Skinner and Cheryl Carter

UFOs to Portals to Shapeshifters

Skinwalker Ranch is a place of high strangeness and is associated with all sorts of phenomena from UFOs to Portals to Shapeshifters. The television series “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” on the History channel got me interested in the location. My friend Katie gave me this book for Christmas and I just finished it. Not the best-written book, nor the best editing (misspelled words) but it certainly kept my attention to the end. Ryann Skinner has written a whole series of books on the Skinwalker Ranch.

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Travis S. Taylor

Travis Shane Taylor was born in Decatur, Alabama on July 24, 1968. His father, Charles Taylor, worked for Wyle Laboratories, as a machinist, who subcontracted with NASA in the 1960s building America’s first satellites with Wernher von Braun. At 17, Travis built a radio telescope that won the state science fair, placing 6th in the nation.

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