Meprobamate and Bruce Lee

It works by slowing activity in the brain to allow for relaxation.

Meprobamate is a carbamate (category of organic compounds that is formally derived from carbamic acid) derivative and is used as an anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) drug.

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Can Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Treat Covid-19?

Just get vaccinated

There have recently been videos touting the use of Hydrogen Peroxide as an inhalant to treat the symptoms of Covid-19. These are not only false, unproven claims, but can be very dangerous to your health. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and health experts have warned that inhaling hydrogen peroxide can have harmful effects on the lungs.

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Nick Pope

Nick Pope is an author, freelance publicist and media commentator. He served as an employee of the British Government’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) where he was responsible for investigating UFO phenomena to determine if they had any defence significance.

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They can even be trained!

I grew up seeing these ads in magazines and comic books. I always wondered about them but never pulled the trigger and purchased one. It seems that Sea-Monkeys are brine shrimp (Artemia). They were developed in the United States in 1957 by Harold von Braunhut.

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Making Capsules

[ kap-suhl, -sool, -syool ] Pharmacology. a gelatinous case enclosing a dose of medicine.

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I’ve been working in a compounding pharmacy for 19 years at the time of this blog post. I have made a countless number of capsules with the Jaansun Capsule Machine from PCCA. They had it when I started and we still use it today. It can make from 1 to 100 capsules, in one load, sizes 4 – 000.

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Alison Towner

Always find time for things that make you feel happy to be alive

Spending hours engrossed in the adventures of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Australian shark experts Ron and Valerie Taylor, Alison Towner wanted nothing more than to study sharks. She grew up in Lancashire, England, where the weather was wet and it was a long drive to the coast.

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Jess Phoenix

Jess Phoenix is a volcanologist, geologist, adventurer, author, podcaster, TV personality and founder of the non-profit Blueprint Earth.

Jess Phoenix is a volcanologist, born January, 13 1982 in Colorado, to parents who were both FBI agents, she grew up athletic and very curious. I recently discovered her on the Discovery television show “Hunting Atlantis” where she is co-host to Stel Pavlou (British screenwriter and speculative fiction novelist). She attended Smith College in in Northampton, Massachusetts, received her master’s degree, in geology, from California State University.

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Suspension (Pharmacy)

What are chemical suspensions?

We make suspensions, all day long, at Stacy’s Compounding Pharmacy for dogs, cats, children and even adults. But, exactly what is a suspension? defines it as the state in which the particles of a substance are mixed with a fluid but are undissolved.

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World’s Largest Mushroom

The World’s largest organism is a  … tree, elephant, blue whale? Nope. At 2 miles across. you can’t even see most of this MUSHROOM. Armillaria solidipes (formerly Armillaria ostoyae) – also called the honey mushroom.

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