A tranquilizer is a drug for treatment of anxiety, agitation, fear, tension and disturbances of the mind. The term was first used by F.F. Yonkman (1953) in his studies of the drug reserpine which when given to animals showed a calming effect. The term tranquilizer is used to reference antipsychotic or neuroleptic medications. It is also a synonym for sedative.

Why Do Batteries Leak?

The other day my Blu-Ray remote control ceased to function. I had just changed the batteries a few weeks before but i opened the cover anyway to see what was happening. One of the Kirkland (Costco) AAA batteries (there were two inside) had leaked white powder into the compartment.

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Dawn Wells “Mary Ann” Dies

We all know her best as Mary Ann Summers, stranded on Gilligan’s Island from September 26, 1964, to April 17, 1967. She was born in Reno, Nevada October 18, 1938 and in 1959 would be crowned Miss Nevada and compete for Miss America 1960. She made her acting debut on ABC’s The Roaring 20’s and the movie The New Interns.

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SiriusXM Satellite Launched 12/13/20

SiriusXM’s SXM 7 spacecraft, built by Maxar in Palo Alto, California, was lifted into space Sunday December 13, 2020 by a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket. Another successful launch, for the partially reusable Falcon-9, surpassing the speed of sound in one minute and the first stage landing perfectly on the SpaceX’s drone ship “Read the Instructions” marking the booster’s, B1051, seventh trip into space and back.

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