Stanton Friedman

Believer or not, if you follow the UFO stories you’ve probably heard of Stanton Friedman. He was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey July 29, 1934. He would graduate from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Science (1955) and Master of Science (1956) degrees in nuclear physics. For 14 years he was employed as a nuclear physicist for a impressive list of large corporations.

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CP and CG

In model rocketry you must ensure your rocket is stable. A stable rocket will fly perfectly, while an unstable rocket will fly in an unpredictable pattern possibly ruining the rocket, damaging property or hurting someone. Stability is extremely important when building a rocket from scratch, and a good idea to know how stable your kits are also.

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What is Limestone, Shell and Dolomite?

Limestone, shell and dolomite are types of marine deposits that have accumulated in Florida over millions of years during times when the state was covered over with seawater or shallow marshes. During this time, limestones formed by chemical deposition and the accumulation of shells from sea creatures. Many invertebrate animals (animals without backbones) take calcite from sea water to construct their shells. When they die, the shells fall to the sea bed. Over the millennia, their remains slowly built up layers of sediment thousands of feet thick. These sediments are the limestone, shell and dolomite formations that are mined today.

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A tranquilizer is a drug for treatment of anxiety, agitation, fear, tension and disturbances of the mind. The term was first used by F.F. Yonkman (1953) in his studies of the drug reserpine which when given to animals showed a calming effect. The term tranquilizer is used to reference antipsychotic or neuroleptic medications. It is also a synonym for sedative.

Why Do Batteries Leak?

The other day my Blu-Ray remote control ceased to function. I had just changed the batteries a few weeks before but i opened the cover anyway to see what was happening. One of the Kirkland (Costco) AAA batteries (there were two inside) had leaked white powder into the compartment.

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