Songs about Extraterrestrials (Part One)

There are lots of songs about lots of subjects, but I thought I’d try to come up with some related to little green men and spaceships traveling to and from other planets. They used to be referred to as UFOs, not UAPs, but whatever you call them they are fun to talk/sing about.

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Great Lines in Songs (Part 1)

Brilliant, clever, or that I just enjoy hearing over and over.

As I’ve listened to songs, over the years, I always have found certain lines that just make the song for me. This is the first post that showcases some of those phrases that I thought were brilliant, clever, or that I just enjoy hearing over and over.

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Aaron Sterling

From Sesame Street to elite drummer

I was having 2021 Christmas Eve dinner with my good friends and Beaux mentioned a friend of his Matthew Sterling. He knew him from school. Matthew and his little brother Aaron lived in Garland, Texas. What caught my attention was how 5 or 6 year-old Aaron had gotten a metal trash can that he would climb into and play his childhood hero Oscar the Grouch.

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