Great Lines in Songs (Part 1)

Brilliant, clever, or that I just enjoy hearing over and over.

As I’ve listened to songs, over the years, I always have found certain lines that just make the song for me. This is the first post that showcases some of those phrases that I thought were brilliant, clever, or that I just enjoy hearing over and over.

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Covers – La Grange by ZZ Top

La Grange, by ZZ Top, was on their 1973 album Tres Hombres and reached number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was written by Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. Here it is covered by “that little ole band from Peanuts”, Charlie Brown (Guitar and Vocals), Snoopy (Bass) and Pig-Pen (Drums).

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Jellyfish – The King is Half-Undressed (1990)

The King is Half-Undressed was the first song I heard by this incredible band, Jellyfish. This was the video I saw and knew I was going to like. None of their music ever disappointed!

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SS Edmund Fitzgerald

The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was owned by the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and was registerd in the Port of Milwaukee. She first launched in 1958, built by Great Lakes Engineering Works.

She was a lake freighter 729 feet in length, 75 feet wide, and carried taconite ore pellets from mines near Duluth, Minnesota to ports in Detroit, Toledo and others. She was the largest ship to haul iron ore on the Great Lakes.

On her final voyage the Edmund Fitzgerald left Superior, Wisconsin (Nov 9, 1975) with a full load (25,400 tons). With a seasoned crew and Captain (Ernest M. McSorley) on board, they were joined by a second freighter, SS Arthur M. Anderson. The weather turned bad the next day.

The Arthur M. Anderson received two messages from the Edmund Fitzgerald. The first  “I have a bad list, lost both radars. And am taking heavy seas over the deck. One of the worst seas I’ve ever been in.” and the second, and last, was “We are holding our own.”

Only two empty lifeboats were found and no crew. A U.S. Navy Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft found the sunken ship 4 days later. The Edmund Fitzgerald was broken in half and some have recently speculated that the front was on a giant wave and the rear on another tearing the hull in half.

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