Computer Mouse History

x,y position indicator for a display system

In 1967, the patent was filed for the first mouse, calling it an “x,y position indicator for a display system.” The patent was awarded in 1970. Douglas Engelbart (January 30, 1925 – July 2, 2013) conceived the mouse while attending a conference on computer graphics, where he started thinking about how to improve interactive computing.

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The Goonies (1985)

I watched the 1985 Warner Bros. Pictures comedy/adventure movie “The Goonies” on AMC. The Goon Docks are about to be foreclosed on. The neighborhood kids (Goonies) end up looking for a treasure to save the day. They find a map in the attic and are off on their bicycles and into the hands of an evil Mom who, with her son, had broken her other son out of prison. They also have a secret chained up in the abandoned restaurant they all end up in. It’s kinda like the Stranger Things kids in the Temple of Doom, with some Pirates of the Caribbean mixed in.

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Easter Eggs

No, not that kind! Here we’re talking about those that describe a message, image or feature hidden in a video game, film or some other electronic (usually) medium.

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