The Frozen Ground (2013)

I watched the 2013 Lionsgate Docu-thriller The Frozen Ground on Netflix DVD. It is a Scott Walker film, who both wrote and directed the movie, which was his first. It is a factual based account of the Alaskan State Patrol hunting down a serial killer with the help of the only known victim to have gotten away. The Frozen Ground takes place in and around Anchorage Alaska in 1983. The movie is produced by Curtis Jackson (50 Cent – 13, Setup, Freelancers, Escape Plan movies, The Prince, Spy, Den of Thieves) who also is the pimp in the film.

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Reclaim (2014)

I watched the 2014 Lionsgate, direct to DVD, movie Reclaim. It is about a couple that travel to Puerto Rico to adopt an 8 year old Haitian girl but before they can get her passport she disappears. Turns out there are no records for the adoption and as they try to find the girl they get entangled in the deadly scam. The couple is played by Ryan Phillippe (Crimson Tide, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions, Antitrust, Chaos, Setup) and

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