Have you forgotten?

This post was originally published on 9/11/2020 and updated on 9/11/2021

Where were you on September the 11th, 1999 at 8:46 am? I was at work, D&B Software (Geac/MSA) watching on a TV, on a roll cart, that John Hilyer set-up quickly so we could all watch.

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Chicken Livers

For eating and fishing.

Chicken liver is a popular food ingredient and a rich source of essential nutrients. It is commonly consumed all over the world, and it is considered a delicacy in many cultures. Chicken liver is a good source of protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and many other vitamins and minerals.

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Vintage Computer History Films: From IBM to SAGE

This is a collection of old video shorts, reminding me of the kind of 1960’s films they would show us in school. They come from the time where computers were the size of rooms, buildings, not something we carry around in our pockets every day.

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