2022 – A Look at 100 Years Ago

What was happening 100 years ago this year?

We made it, through another year of the Covid pandemic, worsening at the end of 2021 with the Omicron variant. But it’s 2022. I never thought, as a child, that we would ever make it this far. I thought this would be a good time to look back 100 years to 1922.

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TV Guide

What is on television tonight?

The magazine that would eventually become the classic “TV Guide” was developed by Lee Wagner (circulation director of MacFadden Publications in New York City). In 1948, he released “The TeleVision Guide” with New York City listings. The cover of the first issue featured Gloria Swanson who was star of the short lived “The Gloria Swanson Hour”. He would expand to the New England and the Baltimore–Washington areas. In 1953 he sold the editions to Walter Annenberg who folded the operation into his Triangle Publications.

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The Old Farmers Almanac

North America’s most popular reference guide and oldest continuously published periodical

My grandfather, “Doc” Mize, was a farmer all his life. When I was a child, in the 1960’s, I remember him having The Old Farmers Almanac and planning his planting schedule around the forecasts within. Mother used to buy them for the articles and recipes and such. I used to check the almanac for the fishing charts to see when the fish would bite (but then I’d just go when I could). This magazine has been beloved for many years and probably years to come.

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