Archie – Search Engine

Archie began as a project for students and volunteer staff at the McGill University School of Computer Science in 1987.

Now we just Google it. In the early days of the internet, we had to Archie it. Archie is a tool for indexing FTP archives, allowing users to easily identify specific files. The name derives from the word “archive” without the v.

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G4 and Techtv

24-hour cable and satellite channel based in San Francisco featuring news and shows about computers, technology, and the Internet.

G4 was launched on April 24, 2002, under the ownership of Comcast. It was created and originally led by Charles Hirschhorn, a former president of Walt Disney Television and Television Animation. Thre original intent was to compete with Techtv that was started in 1998 by Ziff-Davis.

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Computer Mouse History

x,y position indicator for a display system

In 1967, the patent was filed for the first mouse, calling it an “x,y position indicator for a display system.” The patent was awarded in 1970. Douglas Engelbart (January 30, 1925 – July 2, 2013) conceived the mouse while attending a conference on computer graphics, where he started thinking about how to improve interactive computing.

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HTTP 404 Error Messages

404: Not Found
The resource could not be found on the server. May be caused by misspelling a URI, or requesting a resource that has been deleted.

In computer network communications, the 404 error message (HTTP 404) is a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) standard response code, to indicate that the browser was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

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