Jimmie Rodgers – Doyle’s Space: Music Hall of Fame

My 7th inductee of 2023 and my 3rd of the country music genre is the yodeling Jimmie Rodgers.

Jimmie Rodgers, often referred to as the “Father of Country Music,” “The Singing Brakeman,” and “America’s Blue Yodeler,” was a legendary American singer, songwriter, and musician who made significant contributions to the development of country music in the early 20th century. His life, history, and career are notable for their influence on the genre.

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My Favorite Albums – Christmas with The Chipmunks

Uh Alvin, you were a little flat
Watch it, Alvin—Alvin? Alvin?!

Christmas with The Chipmunks was released in 1962 on Liberty Records[1]. Mother bought this record for me, I was 4 years old, and I loved it. It is now referred to as Volume 1 since there have been 3 more releases with the same name, in 1963, 2007, and 2008. The tracks from this and its follow-up album, Christmas with The Chipmunks Vol. 2 have been in continuous circulation since their original releases.

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Broken Records Bought During WWII?

Get in step. Join the Record Parade. Bring your old records back to your dealer now.

Back during WWII, it was difficult for the record manufacturers to obtain shellac to press new recordings. This started a campaign for people to bring in the old records, even broken, to be re-melted and re-recorded.

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