Rocket Launch (01/02/21)

Soggy, from the rain the day before, but a beautiful day. The temperature was 63, and in the sun felt warmer. The wind was light and the sky was mostly sunny until 3 pm when the clouds started rolling in for the evening rain. It was a great day for flying rockets.

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Jolly Logic Chute Release

I just bought a Jolly Logic Chute Release after seeing it work for my rocketry friends. I used it today for a perfect flight with the chute opening at 300 feet, keeping the rocket from drifting in the wind. It is a small electronic device that releases your parachute at the altitude you pre-specify.

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SiriusXM Satellite Launched 12/13/20

SiriusXM’s SXM 7 spacecraft, built by Maxar in Palo Alto, California, was lifted into space Sunday December 13, 2020 by a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket. Another successful launch, for the partially reusable Falcon-9, surpassing the speed of sound in one minute and the first stage landing perfectly on the SpaceX’s drone ship “Read the Instructions” marking the booster’s, B1051, seventh trip into space and back.

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The gas giant, Jupiter, is an extreme planet with turbulent weather, magnetic fields and mega storms. NASA sent Juno on a 4 year, 10 month, 28 day trip to expand on the data we knew of this spectacular planet. The Lockheed Martin Juno space probe left Earth atop the Atlas V (AV-029) using a Russian built RD-180 main engine (powered by kerosene and liquid oxygen) and 5 solid rocket boosters.

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Rocket Launch (11/07/20)

Rain? We left in the unpredicted rain, drove in the rain and arrived in the rain. Luckily, about 30 minutes after we arrived the rain stopped and we even got a little sun during the day. The wind was worse up in the sky so the rockets, under parachute, drifted a little far at times, but overall a great day and about 72 degrees.

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