Estes Super Vega Repair

Estes Super Vega is the upscale version of the Estes Starship Vega (kit #1320). It was designed by Wayne Kellner and first offered in the 1979 catalog for $6.50. The Super Vega (kit #2036) released in 1990 and is 36″ in height compared to the Starship Vega at 20″. Mine has flown great for years but would take some serious damage on the landing pods and the legs were constantly breaking off. I previously wrapped the landing pods in fiberglass. Now to work on those legs.

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Estes – Gene Street

I started building and flying Estes Rockets back in the 1960’s. I was, what they call, a born again rocketeer in the late 90’s and have been active in the hobby ever since. I found this information about Gene Street on the Vintage Estes Rockets website and thought it was interesting.

This was my list, I made, for my first order from Estes Industries.

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Building a Mars Lander Model Rocket

I saw this 3D printed, Estes Mars Lander clone on Facebook. I contacted the poster and ended up buying a printed kit from him. It is beautifully detailed and is basically a Skill Level 1, as it pretty much just snaps and twists together. I flew it and came up with a couple of issues that he will be working on with his next 3D print. I used too small a chute so it broke a leg, which he had included extra. Here is how it went.

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Rocket Launch (03/06/21)

It was raining when I left home, just as predicted, not! When we arrived, at the field, it was completely overcast, just as predicted, not! It was windy, with higher gusts, making the 50 degree high feel pretty cold. The blue sky finally broke though about 4pm. As always, we had a great day flying rockets.

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Estes Torellian Invader

My friend Tim built this Estes kit, Catalog number 1343 back in 1980. He gave it to me, when he was cleaning up around the house, some 40 yeas later to fly it for the first time. My only repair was that I replaced the elastic shock cord with Kevlar. The rocket flies great. The first flight was with and A8-3 and then I went to a C6-5. The original chute, he had in there, worked perfectly also. The model came in a combo pack with the Orion Starfighter.

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