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Russell Acord was born 08/13/1965 in Baltimore, Maryland but, as a child, his family moved to the state of Montana. He went to elementary school in Corvallis, Montana, and high school in Arlee, Montana. He is an author, a filmmaker, and now a co-host on a great series called “Expedition Bigfoot” on the Travel Channel.

Russell’s first two books, “Footprints of a Legend” and “Bigfoot and the Tripwire” are both on Amazon for those who are interested in the escape into the deep wilderness of Montana. He has traveled the stats but keeps returning to Montana. He is definitely an outdoorsman and a great tracker. He served in the military and was medically (honorably) discharged from the US Army.

He completed college minoring in civil engineering and majoring in Safety and Health Management and honored the military by graduating ‘Magna Cum Laude’. His real job is in the Nuclear Safety field trying to find enough time to write books and hunt for Bigfoot.

In 2017 he worked as the narrator of the documentary, “Roswell: 70 Years Later” and appeared as himself in “Paranormal Bigfoot”. He was in the “Christmas Evil and Expedition Bigfoot!” episode on the “Without Your Head” podcast in 2019. In 2020, he appeared in an episode of “Shock Docs” and the same year was the executive producer of “The Skunk Ape Lives” documentary.

From 2019-2022 he has appeared in 21 episodes (at the time of this post) of the show “Expedition Bigfoot”. He also was executive producer for the 2021 show “Man vs Bigfoot”. I first saw him in “Expedition Bigfoot” and was impressed with his tracking ability and relentless covering of miles in the wilderness.

My life is simple; work hard, give it your all, let your mind accept that there are possibilities on this planet, secrets that have not yet been revealed. I believe that there are discoveries that have yet to present themselves to us… maybe in our lifetime we will be amazed with tangible evidence of Bigfoot, or we will have to keep believing in the possibility and continue the search.

Russell Acord


Russell Acord

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