The Voice of Robert Clotworthy

Robert Clotworthy was born October 24, 1955 in Los Angeles, California. He was named after his uncle, Bob Clotworthy, who won the 1956 Gold Medal, at the Olympic Games in Melbourne, for Spring Board Diving. He began voice acting at the age of 15, his father was a producer of radio commercials. Robert would tag along with him to work and met some of the greatest such as Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Mel Blanc and June Foray.

Robert has been an actor in films such as Who’s That Girl (Madonna) 1987, Switch 1991, Vampirella 1996, The Deep End of the Ocean 1999, Ablaze 2001, One Hour Photo (Robin Williams) 2002, Pulse (Wes Craven) 2006, Rendition 2007, The Green Hornet 2011, Chronicle 2012, and American Sniper (Clint Eastwood) 2014.

Also he has acted in many TV episodes on shows like Emergency! 1973, The Waltons, Columbo and Police Woman 1974, The Rockford Files and M*A*S*H 1978, Whiz Kids 1983, Threes Company 1984, Remington Steele 1985, Falcon Crest 1986-87, Hunter 1989,

Matlock, Father Dowling Mysteries and Who’s the Boss? 1990, Murphy Brown 1991, Doogie Howser MD 1993, JAG and The Drew Carey Show 2000, NYPD Blue 2004, That 70’s Show, 11 episodes of Two and a Half Men and Criminal Minds 2006, 5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory 2008-15, Sonny with a Chance (Demi Lovato) 2010, Young Sheldon (2019) and Homeland (2020).

His voice was heard in such films as Mulan 1998, The Iron Giant 1999, The Emperor’s New Groove 2000, Shrek 2001, Fury Car in Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014, newscaster in Captain America: Civil War 2016, The Incredibles 2 2018 and Charlie Townsend in Charlie’s Angels 2019.

His highly recognizable voice is also heard in such television shows as Ancient Aliens 2009-21, The Curse of Oak Island 2014-21 and The Curse of Civil War Gold 2018-19.

Gamers will recognize his voice acting from all the StarCraft games where he is Jim Raynor. Other games he has voiced are EverQuest II, Advent Rising, Star Wars the Old Republic, Hitman: Absolution, Marvel Heroes, Grand Theft Auto V, The Lego Movie Video Game,

Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Series, Final Fantasy XV, Mafia III, Batman: The Enemy Within, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and The Last of Us Part II to name a few. He also also performed in hundreds of commercials. Robert Clotworthy is also a Master in the Chinese Martial Art of Kung Fu San Soo which helps him with discipline, awareness and attention too detail in his characters. He has one of those incredible voices that hopefully we’ll be hearing for a long time to come.

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